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Title: OMG so much paranoia here
Post by: lolparanoidpeoplelol on February 17, 2012, 08:23 am
OMFG u guise are so paranoid. If LE intercepts packs with illegal drugs in them addressed to you most likely they are just going to lol and throw them out because really it isn't worth it to bust people for illegal drugs, after all there are rapists and murderers out there. Not to mention if you don't sign for the package there isn't anything they can do, who cares if you have drugs in your possession after you open the package even if you never signed for it, you can always say you thought someone accidentally sent you salt and that you were just keeping it for flavoring you food with. What can they say to that?!? Nothing! Totally off the hook. Innocent until proven guilty! Anyway they are only after the big fish small time users are never arrested, all those people "in jail" for personal use that you hear about are just LE psyops after all it is more cheaper to make you afraid to order drugs than to order drugs in the first place.

LOL YOU GUYS ACTUALLY USE TOR! Why even bother do you really think law enforcement are going to go to the trouble of calling your ISP for connection records, sheesh you guys need to lay off the meth fucking paranoia out the ass here.

who cares about mixing bitcoin do you really think LE are going to load the block chain to do finanical network analysis? It isnt like we are terrorists sheesh.

Law enforcement totally doesn't care about anyone here, nobody here will ever be arrested, everyone can be trusted and even if LE does intercept you package and by some odd one in a million chance do a CD on you and arrest you, it isnt like the judge is going to send you to jail after all there are fucking child rapists out there. God damn bunch of paranoid fuckers up in here.
Title: Re: OMG so much paranoia here
Post by: pine on February 17, 2012, 08:38 am
You're right. You're off topic.
Title: Re: OMG so much paranoia here
Post by: Bupebuddy on February 17, 2012, 12:50 pm
I'd rather be a bit paranoid than jailed.  There are dope users who get more jail time than rapists and murderers.  You really never know what could happen to you so just be careful and expect the worst.  If you do everything you can to remain anonymous and never sign for packages you should be fine.  There are plenty of documented cases where people have been arrested for receiving drugs in the mail, just google it.


Better safe than sorry
Title: Re: OMG so much paranoia here
Post by: MagicMan on February 17, 2012, 07:12 pm
I guess I'll do the honors in declaring this guy either a troll, a LEO, or both. A troll because no legitimate person here would be so stupid and naive as to post that wall of verbal diarrhea, a LEO because he assumes that we are all uneducated degenerates so he tries to get us to lower our guard by speaking in "our own language," and both, because most LEO troll the hell out of human law simply by existing.
Title: Re: OMG so much paranoia here
Post by: QTC on February 17, 2012, 07:25 pm
Really? I think he's just engaging in parody, which I consider the highest form of humor. In fact, my Shitty Stylometric Analysis™ leads me to think he's somebody as paranoid as me who's just goofing off. ;-)
Title: Re: OMG so much paranoia here
Post by: Holly on February 17, 2012, 08:42 pm
Can't even tell if he's being serious, but some people may take this post seriously, for those who do, don't listen to this possibly hypothetical bullshit.


Ever heard of mandatory drug law sentencing?  The US has the most draconian sentencing I've ever read.  Fuck man, even Pickard is serving two life sentences for LSD Manufacture.  How the fuck does one serve TWO life sentences?  You think the USA government MAKES SENSE?  I say horseshit! open your eyes  ;)
Title: Re: OMG so much paranoia here
Post by: unalert on February 17, 2012, 08:53 pm
They may not want to bust people buying personal amounts, but what about the people buying even larger amounts every single week and having them shipped from places like the NL to the USA? That sounds like a reason to be paranoid to me. Not every one here is buying a 5 strip and a couple ecstasy every now and then rofl.
Title: Re: OMG so much paranoia here
Post by: divinechemicals on February 17, 2012, 09:47 pm
Fuck man, even Pickard is serving two life sentences for LSD Manufacture.  How the fuck does one serve TWO life sentences?

Haha, +1 to this. It's complete bullshit that someone who makes fucking LSD, a drug that is rated as not very dangerous at all according to British experts on the subject ( gets put in jail for the length of time that a MURDERER would get. I mean seriously?? LSD opens your mind, as do a lot of other drugs, and that's why the government wants to keep you off them. Hell, why do you think alcohol and cigarettes are legal? Those drugs don't open your mind so the governments don't care.

But oh shit, the populace is starting to do drugs that actually make them think and love their fellow man! We can't have that! We need people to fear each other so they obey us! BANNED.

It's all a bunch of sad bullshit, and good people are ending up punished for doing nothing wrong. The people that make and sell these drugs are modern heroes in my opinion. Instead of just following the government blindly (because we all know how well that's worked out in history), they're taking the risk to do what they know is the right thing and help people open their mind. I kind of compare them to people in Nazi Germany that helped get the Jews out. While everyone else was just mindlessly going along with it, you had your heroes risking themselves to save lives.

So basically this is my love letter to all those people who make our lives a little better by providing us with an invaluable service. I mean fuck, there are memorials for people who go to war and KILL other human beings. But if you make a product that makes you LOVE other human beings, you don't get a memorial, you get jail time. The more I look at the bullshit the government manages to pull off, the more I realize that everything they do is directed at basically making us their mindless, droning slaves. And the population is too busy watching American Idol to give a shit. They believe everything they're told without reason, because some high school health teacher tells them it's true. Everything is so fucked up in this world. The only times things actually make sense to me is when I'm high, rolling, or tripping.

That felt good to get out haha.
Title: Re: OMG so much paranoia here
Post by: wretched on February 17, 2012, 10:59 pm
I'm only paranoid because everyone is out to get me!
Title: Re: OMG so much paranoia here
Post by: AverageGatsby on February 21, 2012, 12:35 am
"Just bc you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you"

By this dick's thinking, we shouldn't worry about prosecution for anything except murder, rape, & molestation. Great! So now i'm gonna go manufacture meth while holding up a liquor store, simultaneously embezzling money & not paying my taxes. Also, will be jaywalking during all of this. I won't be concern with LEO catching me at all  ;)

This is definitely LEO trolling.

It reads like a 45yo male trying to replicate how a 17yo would talk online.
Title: Re: OMG so much paranoia here
Post by: cindylove on February 21, 2012, 11:55 am
It reads like a 45yo male trying to replicate how a 17yo would talk online.

Hahaha, you got him!
Title: Re: OMG so much paranoia here
Post by: JimPooley on February 21, 2012, 12:21 pm
Hey LOLPARANOIDPEOPLELOL, can I have your real name and address?
If what you say is true, you should have no issues giving me these details, I'm going to use them to order bulk amounts of weed and ship 'em to your door.
You're cool with that right? You're not paranoid at all, so having a pound of stinking hooter weed rock up at your door with someone asking you to put your name to it won't even bump your heart rate!
I wish I was as cool as you...
You seem like one of the most switched on people in the forum... You make Pine look like a first grader!!!!

ok I'll dispense (he he... dispense!!!) with the sarcasm now...

PCP right... you're high as fuck? You gotta be on a diss buzz, as you're clearly a fucking muppet!!!