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Title: Mailing Ideas
Post by: Heyenezz on January 26, 2012, 01:53 am
What address would you give a vendor for preserving maximum security? An idea I had is claiming to have a room mate or tenant at your address, and then giving the vendor a fake name. This sounds sketchy though if the police were to start poking around.

These are the rules:

-NO P.O. boxes (they're constantly monitored and limit plausible deniability, especially if you hardly ever receive packages or check your box soon after the package arrives).
-No accomplices, so no friend's houses (the fewer who know what you do, the better)
-Plausible deniability is a must
-Address must not look suspicious

For the record, I think the risk of arrest is small just by giving the vendor your real name and address, but figure additional security is appropriate if the additional hassle is sufficiently small.

Thanks for any assistance!
Title: Re: Mailing Ideas
Post by: pine on January 26, 2012, 02:21 am
This is more Shipping than Security. Anyway:

Take a look at my thread on having an anonymous address, it might help you out if you're in or live nearby certain kinds of accommodation.