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Title: Sellers Look!!!
Post by: therealstansmith on January 23, 2012, 10:25 pm
As most of this thread has been a perfect way to help catch you here are some tips and reasons for them that i think should be used. Think hard about them and know that you are not as anonymous as you think.
1: use a different return/ business label for each order. it will be a pain but will be best way to stay safe
    (If you send out hundreds of letters/ packages with the same identical label a few will make it to LE and the fact they all come from the same place and have the same name is RETARDED! if i wanted to bust you id see where it came from and and track it to which post office, or which little blue drop box and wait. the second you threw it in the PO drop slot id see the label come out and put you in handcuffs.)
2: even if you have not been to jail your prints may have been taken in a bank or while cashing an income tax check. or on your 3rd grade school fieldtripto the police station and i wouldnt put it past LE to find a way to get it.
    (wear gloves, and latex isnt even good enough anymore... still leave prints...)
3: careful driving to your location of shipping... take all parcel place into 1 box, wrap it as a present labled to "my favorite niece" or what not and dont open it until you have parked in the location you will be dropping it. i have been pulled over on the way to a bar b q and the cops thought the mad amounts of hotdogs seemed suspicious and asked if they could search... i agreed and they had a dog there in no time WTF. how do you think a bunch of questionable mail looks.
      i had more thoughts that have seemed to slip my mind but since the paranoid seem to be making this thread about how to tip off LE i thought id put in my worthless opinions. the first one opened by LE has compromised the location you send from. use multiple... and it would be nice if SR would start developing the future of this place and soon. i say form an alliance of top notch sellers and create the most basic of ordering pages. a page where all goodies are listed and you select which and how many. type your address and it is sent to the pertaining vendor. have your SR fee built into the price and that it. have a very basic rating system and fuck people who are trying to fuck this up. the fact anyone was led here by google is stupid. and i cannot see myself being a part of this for much longer. its scarrrrry lol love everyone that is here with the right intention
Title: Re: Sellers Look!!!
Post by: pine on January 24, 2012, 08:49 pm

I think an authoritative 'Good Seller Guide' and 'Good Buyer Guide' ought to be created.