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1.) I will be shipping from Canada
2.) I will not upload any sort of pictures on here. Skepticism is fine with scammers being all over the place (i've been hit before too on my buyer account) but that is what escrow is for. If my product is not 100% what i described then people still have the safety of escrow.

I should probably include my vendor profile page for you guys to watch. Doh.


NOTE: I do not ship to the USA. No exceptions. I'm sorry, but if you are from the USA you may not order.

Hi all. Long time buyer on here, and decided to start vending. I will have listings up within a week.

Product: 100-110ug CLEAN and REAL LSD. White on white with no designs (safer for shipping). Feel free to reagent test the product before releasing the escrow funds.

Offer: I will be listing 10strips for 100USD. When you buy a 10strip i will also throw in a free 10strip (20hits for 100USD or less) for the first 35 orders.

Escrow: All transactions will be FULLY in escrow. However for this deal, and since im trying to build up my reputation only buyers with a clean buying history will be allowed to place orders. Since i use ground shipping with no tracking, i want to only deal with trustworthy buyers and not have someone ruin my rep.

Shipping: I will ship to any country in the world, besides the USA. Sorry to my friends in the USA, but i do not have any plans to ship there. Shipping is standard ground shipping with no tracking (that is why i will only be offering this deal to trusted buyers with bad refund histories since it would be easy to claim it never arrived).

Packing: I will not go into details regarding packaging, but be confident that it will be extremely discreet.

I look forward to spending time on the other side of things as a vendor after trying to many good products here myself. Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

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