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Rumor mill / Re: The Avengers LSD Vendors Review
« on: October 29, 2012, 11:41 pm »
Can wait for the avengers to try out my lucy... Btw, my limited time offer is still on for a short while longer.. As you can see from my profile, people are slowly starting to get their packages and everyone is happy!

Rumor mill / Official LucyDrop Thread (REVIEWS/NEWS/PROMOTIONS)
« on: October 27, 2012, 09:08 am »
People are starting to get their orders so i made this thread for trip reports and reviews etc

Rumor mill / Re: Official discussion thread of current LSD vendors
« on: October 24, 2012, 06:15 am »
Hey guys, so i currently have 13 orders in transit (including a free 10strip to the avengers for them to test/enjoy)

Since i don't ship to the USA (non negotiable), its going to take a while for my reviews to come in..

i was wondering if there were any Canadians on here who would be interested in 20 tabs for 70USD in ESCROW so i can get more reviews faster?

I want to pick up my amount of sales so i can get lower and lower prices from my supplier. I was even thinking of listing half sheets and full sheets below my cost so i could move my lucy faster and able to pick up a bigger quantity for cheaper, which in turn would mean cheaper prices from you guys..

the only issue i am seeing with that is that i would be offering it so low, and in escrow with no tracking so even if 1 person lied and said they didnt receive i would lose a lot of money..  Or maybe i could do tracking for the sheet orders so that doesn't happen..

Any thoughts?

I was thinking of doing sheets for 500 (fees and shipping included.. shipping alone would be like 30USD) of 100ug real LSD in escrow with tracking.. Would there be any interest in this?

Rumor mill / Re: The Avengers LSD Vendors Review
« on: October 23, 2012, 10:41 am »
Hey guys, i currently have 10 orders in transit so reviews should start coming in soon. i've also been in touch with someone from the avengers and i will be sending them a 10 strip for them to test/enjoy and im looking forward to seeing their review posted here

Thanks everyone!

Rumor mill / Re: The Avengers LSD Vendors Review
« on: October 19, 2012, 07:56 pm »
Does anyone know if Avengers is based outside of USA? If they are i want to send them a free 10strip to review for me

Samples have been sold out. To everyone that placed an order, i will mark your orders as "in transit" tomorrow when i actually ship them. As a buyer on SR myself i know how annoying it is to have someone process it right away without actually shipping it, leading to not knowing when your order is actually in transit. When i mark them shipped tomorrow they will actually be on their way to you.  Thanks for giving me a shot. I look forward to dealing with all of you more once the reviews start coming in.

First time taking a risk with a new vendor.
Hope to have a pleasant experience.

How much are they dosed at again? 100ug?
I would say a little more than 100ug but its better to undersell than oversell.

Rumor mill / Re: Official discussion thread of current LSD vendors
« on: October 18, 2012, 05:54 am »
Offering 3 x 100ug tabs for only $3.00 to get my name out there. Worldwide shipping except USA


Rumor mill / Re: The Avengers LSD Vendors Review
« on: October 18, 2012, 05:51 am »
Avengers: If you are based outside of USA i will send you a free 10strip so you can review+enjoy my LSD. Contact my on my Vendor account.

For anyone else who is interested in trying my clean LSD out


3 dollars for 3 tabs so i can get my name out there

This deal is off for now until i can prove to people that i have REAL LSD and that i am NOT bullshitting.

Here is the new promo


Since my other thread didn't go so well because people thought my prices were too low and thought it was a scam, i am offering this deal for 10 people to try it out and leave a honest review.


You are sending the tabs via regular mail, correct? So it's going to be pretty hard to catch you if you don't have to go into the post office to ship your packages. You obviously aren't going to use a relevant return address.. so can we go over the risks of shipping to the US vs. shipping to Europe/Australia, one more time please?
Like i said, i have no worries of the packages not making into the US. I am just deciding not to ship to the US. I am not stupid, and know that if i offered US shipping i would sell 1000% more tabs. With that being said, i am not greedy and don't mind if i don't sell a ton of LSD. I just want to offer clean LSD at a reasonable price. I dont feel i owe anyone an explanation here regarding why i choose not to sell to the USA... That is my decision and i'm sticking to it and i hope you guys can respect that. You don't walk into a business and argue with them over their sales policies when they are clearly stated on the wall, so i dont know why people are doing it on here.

Also regarding "The Avengers" review service... Does anyone know if they are US based or not? If they are outside of the US i will gladly send them a free 10strip for them to test and enjoy.

I have a ton of CLEAN acid for an extremely good price. Once i get some reivews hopefully you guys will try it out.

I didn't think there would be this much backlash for a deal being offered fully under the protection of escrow.

I may retract this deal and just do it like everyone else, by just sending a couple hit samples to a couple people in the LSD Review thread and letting them review it.

I offered this deal because it would have been an amazing deal for more than just a couple of testers (35 people would have gotten a free 10strip with their order), and offered fully with the protection of escrow.

Just because something seems too good to be true, doesn't ALWAYS mean that it is.

I have been a buyer a long time on here before making this vendor account. I've seen all the big scams go down and understand where the fear is coming from.

However, 1 thing all those big scams had in common was : EARLY FINALIZATION

I am offering 20 tabs for 100USD - FULLY IN ESCROW - that means that you only pay one you receive it and are happy with the product.

If you are not interested in this amazing deal, that is fully in escrow so there is ZERO risk to the buyer, then please move along and not dirty up this thread.

I could understand if i was saying SHEETS FOR 200.. EARLY FINALIZATION REQUIRED... but i'm not... I'm offering a SAFE deal here for the buyer.

If anyone is at risk, it is me since i do not have tracking and someone could easily lie and say they never received it. So now who is more likely to get scammed here? Me.

Yes, ESCROW is great and all, but where it falls down is that some foolish buyers finalize the second they have the tabs in their hands, without trying them first. Hence why I strongly urge people to really be careful unless samples are issued first.
1.) So because i don't want to give away free samples means people should be scared of buying from me? I am offering FULL escrow, so i don't know why you're trying to scare people... Because some buyers are foolish and finalize before they try out the product they ordered means people should not order from me before i give away free LSD?

2.) My reasons for not shipping to the USA is not because i dont think they will make it there, but because i do not want to fuck with the USA and end up with a life sentence. Hope you guys can understand.

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