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Problem has not yet been resolved!!!

The admins have been made aware of this and there's nothing more we can do from our end at the moment. Apologies for the delay - hopefully it will be sorted soon.


Technical support / Re: vendor question
« on: May 30, 2013, 03:38 pm »
i have been looking into getting my profile on here to say "Vendor" where it says "Full member". i have received my bond refund and i have the link in the signature. i messaged support and asked them but havent gotten a message back yet, and i actually dont know if that would be able to do anything from there.

Hi bbbaac,

Have you messaged Vendor Support on the main site? If so, how long ago?



Product offers / Re: CannaConnections Press Release!
« on: May 30, 2013, 03:37 pm »
CannaConnection, could you please post a list in this thread of the users that you have chosen to receive samples? These samples are not to be sent, nor addresses for them requested, before a vendor account has been purchased.


Customer support / Re: Accidental Early Finalization
« on: May 30, 2013, 01:14 pm »
Hello guys :)

so Yesterday I used SR for the first time and I put my order through.  about 5 minutes later an option came up saying to "finalize"
I thought that this meant in order to ship the product I have to finalize.

Now looking back I'm pretty sure that was the button to send my money over to the vendor.
apparently this vendor is extremely trustworthy and I'm not worries about him stealing the item.

I'm just worried that he may not be able to see my address or something If i have already finalized.
like for example the page the sellers can see about all the buyers information is gone if the order is finalized.

can someone calm my nerves and confirm this for me?

Thank you so much guys!

Hi jayydubbs,

The option to finalize only becomes available once the vendor has marked the order 'in transit', meaning that your package would already have been labelled and most likely already sent out. :)

In future though please ensure you do not finalize an order before receiving it as once you leave the protection of the escrow system there is nothing that Silk Road can do for you in the event of something going wrong.


Bug reports / Re: pics not loading when adding new listing?
« on: May 30, 2013, 01:07 pm »
cant upload pics for new listings?? anyone else?


Hi MarleysMainMan,

A number of vendors have stated that they are able to upload pictures by reducing the file size. You can find two examples of this in these posts:




Newbie discussion / Re: Coder Needed for VPN Application
« on: May 30, 2013, 12:58 pm »
I need an application which installs on the target computer either as a self executable or an active x script ,
undetected by antivirus, quite like a proxy/socks trojan,
which must send back to me the ip of the target infected, so I can remotely connect with his ip without targets knowledge of course.

Payment is not a problem of course, BTC, WILL USE ESCROW !

PM or mail for more details.

ALL sales / purchases must go through the Silk Road order system. Either you or the person offering the service will need a vendor account before any transaction can take place.

Thread locked.


I have read previous posts stating that you scroll to the bottom of the main page then there would be a link to create one, also i was told if you go to create an account on login page there would be an option to create a vendor account.  i have searched everywhere using tor and just cant seem to find out how.  Any help would be greatly appreciated! :D 8)

Hi nesbit123,

As well as following the steps that godness420 has laid out, please read the Silk Road Wiki:


In particular, the following pages:


Newbie discussion / Re: $$ tied up w/ banned vendor
« on: May 30, 2013, 12:45 pm »
Vendors padding their feedback generally post a low priced listing, purchase them from any number of buyer accounts created for this purpose, then change the price of the item to make it look like a large number of people bought it and they look legit.

This is countered by the feedback score, however, which is determined by 'buyer weight'; you can read more about that here:



Customer support / Re: change/remove feedback
« on: May 30, 2013, 12:37 pm »
hello, i posted negative feedback about a vendor and now she has added me to banned list (i assume in the vendor forum).

considering that
1. I chose to FE (as per her instructions)
2. it has been a month and a half since I ordered
3. nothing came
4. I acted rashly and left negative feedback w/o proper communication. (because I was bitter about gambling on a FE and losing)
5. I really dont give a shit about the 30 usd the item cost
6. I have perfect stats other than this (and the only non-delivery I've ever had after 1.5 yrs and $3700 was from tony76)

can I reverse my feedback and get off this banned list?  can I appeal to some moderator in the vendor forum?

basically I am happy to take the hit to make sure everything is going to be okay in the future.

The vendor blacklist is an informal list of usernames shared amongst vendors in the Vendor Roundtable. Any members, both buyers and vendors, are free to keep lists amongst themselves of usernames that they advise others not to do business with. We do not interfere with freedom of speech here so there is nothing that we can do to have your username removed from any list. It can only be removed by the vendor in question.

Not every vendor uses the blacklist, and you'll most likely find that this won't affect your purchases much, if at all.

Silk Road recommends that you do not Finalise Early; these situations can ALWAYS be avoided by staying within the safety of the escrow system.

Thread locked as resolved.


I'm a vendor.

These gift codes were given to specific customers over a period of time. For whatever reason, some customers did not use them.  Cumulatively, these gift codes are worth a lot and I'd like to take them back.  How do I do this?

Hi clearance,

There is no mechanism for taking back gift codes. Perhaps you could consider starting a thread in the 'Feature requests' forum requesting an expiry date or gift code retrieval option?


Need a Australian who wants to do some work with me, involves walking down to a shop buying some things and posting them my way and ill pay you double what you spend.

Let me know I would post in product request but this is the only board i can post in.

Either you or the person that wishes to do this (if any) will require a vendor account before conducting any type of transaction on Silk Road.

Thread locked.


Customer support / Re: Vendor 'good drugs' banned?
« on: May 30, 2013, 12:16 pm »
Thread locked as resolved.

marchjust, please read all the pages of the SR Wiki - they contain essential information that will ensure you do not end up in similar positions in future:



Thread locked as resolved.


Pharmington Rex sent me pills that don't even test positive for amphetamine. I contacted him and told him about this, and offered to show him a video of me testing the drug when he claimed I'm probably scamming him, and he just videos could be easily faked. I then offered to do it live on skype or similar(chatroulette even) and he then says that would risk my anonymity. I still offered to do it, and risking my anonymity. He then accused me of potentially being a cop.

The pills he sells look like these:

There are no generic Adderall pills that look like these anymore, and the closest resembling pill is Shire US 30mg Adderall IR which has been discontinued years ago.

He said it's suspicious that I finalized before I tested the drugs if I have a drug test, I told him that I only bought a drug testing kit because I didn't feel the effects of the drug. He just said I could be lying. So I offered to give him access to my amazon account to let him see my orders and delivery dates, so he wouldn't have to take my word for it, and he's still unsatisfied.

Other people that also felt his pills had no effect can be found here: (I believe this is the same quadrox on silkroad forums)

I found 2 people willing to record a video of them testing the drug and then flushing it/destroying it to show that they didn't test the same product twice, and yet, he's still unsatisfied.

I offered to let all this go, and consider it a successful trade if only he shows me a picture of the generic Adderall pills he sells from a credible third party source, atleast 3-4 times, and every single time he does not even acknowledge this.

I understand any chance of a refund is completely within his hands, and he won't do it, but I'm hoping a moderator could make sure this doesn't happen again, 300$ down the drain for a student is not something small.

If you need any more information or a full transcript of the conversations, ask me and I will provide.

Please see the SR Wiki here:


If a buyer finalises an order despite not being 100% satisfied with it, there is unfortunately nothing that can be done. That is the idea behind the escrow system - to ensure that the customer has recourse should there be an issue with their order.



is it common practice for a moderator to tell vendors that there scammers? to tell customers to shy away from vendors? As you can already tell, by just simply browsing a few pages a day, you are not liked, at all. This guys 2700$ machine will bring quite the SR commission, as your in a paid position let me give you a little back ground you may have heard before...dont bite the hand that feeds you, got it?

You won't get a rise out of me, sellitall99. Sorry. :)

To answer your question, no it is not common practice for a Silk Road forum moderator to tell a Silk Road marketplace vendor that they are a scammer - nor have I done that, if you read above. I am not here to protect vendors, I am here to protect the community. If you read anything that I wrote in the previous posts you would see the reasons that I believe this item being listed is a bad idea. If it is indeed genuine then it will remove the vendor's anonymity - as the vendor has sold illegal products previously, this is not something they should desire. If it is not genuine, then a buyer will lose $2,764. It is a lose-lose situation.

The commission on a $2764 sale would be $64.96 - I'm not sure that would count as "quite the SR commission" but thanks for your concern about my finances.


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