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Title: KingOfClubs vs. DetailedImages
Post by: Hawk23 on May 01, 2012, 03:30 am
Okay, I had to post something to distract me from all the Tony76 chaos...

I received a CA ID from KingOfClubs as well as DetailedImages.  The KingOfClubs ID is definitely not suitable for in-state use, as stated in the product description. KingOfClubs' quality is decent, just not up to par with DetailedImages. 

First, the blue background and the word 'California' is much darker than the state-issued ID.  Also the gold hologram that is placed above the headshot is not truly a hologram and does not disappear when viewed from different angles. This is my biggest disappointment with this product. The other details are close and comparable to the state-issued ID such as overall color, fonts, formatting, texture, thickness and feel.

The ID is virtually indistinguishable from a state-issued ID. Every detail is spot on besides the thickness of the card. It is ever-so-slightly more flexible than the real thing. And really shiny. I had to employ some 'distressing' techniques to make it look as if it had been around the block. I'm extremely happy with this product, it's impeccable.

I paid approximately $25 more for KingOfClubs product.

When I compare KingOfClubs and DetailedImages CA ID's, DetailedImages is the clear winner.

However, in terms of communication, both were easy to reach via email or SR messaging were friendly and professional. Both also offer express shipping and provide impressive customer service.  I highly recommend both vendors.

Just keep in mind that if you need a CA ID to use in-state, DetailedImages is the way to go. Thanks to both vendors for smooth and easy transactions!
Title: Re: KingOfClubs vs. DetailedImages
Post by: KingOfClubs on May 04, 2012, 12:20 am
I have fixed the background color of the headshot pic and I am working on fading the hologram for future orders, will improve these two issues for all future buyers!