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Philosophy, Economics and Justice / Re: Nastradamus
« on: May 29, 2013, 09:01 am »
Illmatic = Greatest rap album of all time

 ;D :P

I am thrilled to see that there are still some of you sticking with it!   ;D

Now we just need to start having some discussions again.  :)

fumanchu, you have no fucking clue what your talking about.

OP, your the man. Thank you for your encouraging and inspiring post. We appreciate your loyalty more than you can imagine.  :)

Silk Road discussion / Re: Dread Pirate Roberts: Silk Road Charter
« on: April 27, 2013, 08:34 am »
Well that version of the charter is actually shortened and refined a bit from the original one that I saw that inspired me so much, but still. It's obvious you guys don't share the same voluntarism ideals that I do, and because of that you'll never understand why this site is so significant in the way that those of us in the freedom movement do. You may not share my passion and you clearly don't see the historical significance of this organization, but that's okay. You can look at us as "just a drug website" all you want, but I promise you that history books will reflect my sentiments and not yours. We are dedicating every waking moment of our lives to freeing mankind from oppression, and even though we are just getting started we have already done more to alter the future of civilization then most of you could ever hope to achieve in 10 lifetimes. But go ahead, brush us off as worthless nobodies. You enjoy your slavery.

I will add, that I completely understand the sycophancy toward DPR may be a little off-putting to a lot of you. But that's just a manifestation of how passionate we are about our beliefs, and how important it is to us to see change in our lifetimes. Many of us were the same way with Ron Paul, and will continue to give "god-worthy praise" to anyone who can bring the world closer to the free utopia we dream of. Once we get there, hopefully you will finally understand why we were so passionate about Silk Road.

Silk Road discussion / Re: Dread Pirate Roberts: Silk Road Charter
« on: April 26, 2013, 10:06 pm »
I'll pledge to this instead of my flag.

Can we get a. Official flag or seal?  And not a skull and crossbones either.  Lol

This is a great idea.

Silk Road discussion / Re: Dread Pirate Roberts: Silk Road Charter
« on: April 26, 2013, 02:48 pm »
I am so glad the captain felt it was time to share this with you guys. It's quite an inspiring document, in fact when I first saw it I lay awake for the next few nights wondering how I could more align myself with these virtues. I am so grateful to see so many others who are equally as moved by the charter as I was when I first got a glimpse of it.

On the other hand, it is just as disappointing to see the leeches who are happy to ride along for the success, but laugh at the principles that make us who we are. These users embody everything that is wrong with our little slice of heaven here. I can only hope that someone comes along who is capable of opening their self-sealed eyes.

Silk Road discussion / Re: Statement about recent events
« on: April 26, 2013, 10:58 am »
I am truly blessed with the greatest mentor a person could ask for. Not to mention, the chance I have been given to be the first mate of this historic ship we sail aboard, is the greatest opportunity I could have ever dreamed of.

Let's win this war shall we? 

I am so sorry for not updating the book club last week! I can't believe I let that happen. I am really sorry to any of you who I may have let down, but judging from the few comments we've gotten since then it seems like some people are actually trying to catch up so maybe it wasn't such a terrible thing. I hope those who were with us in the beginning of this book haven't given up yet! Has anyone just been reading ahead on their own and moving along? Just kind of want a feeling of whether you guys who are reading this want me to keep a slow pace or speed up? Any advice is welcome!

Posting a new assignment now.

You guys have no idea how many people messaged Support today freaking out that money went missing from their accounts.  ::)

I'm doing my best to catch up with this book and be able to join the discussion.  Sorry if I am interrupting the discussion with this post, just wanted you to know that you have a very interested party waiting to jump into the club as soon as he catches up  :)

Your not interrupting anything, which is why I'm so excited to see somebody else interested in jumping in!! Welcome aboard friend!  :)

OP updated with weekly reading assignment

Silk Road discussion / Re: Silk Road is down bigtime
« on: March 20, 2013, 02:58 am »
Well, those who have a stockpile of bitcoins can now buy about 20% more drugs then they could a day ago. Also, you'd be surprised but there are some vendors who don't peg their prices to the dollar. Obviously most do, but there's more than you'd expect that don't.

Silk Road discussion / Re: Silk Road is down bigtime
« on: March 20, 2013, 01:59 am »
It's not down for maintenance. I'm just as frustrated as you guys resetting Tor over and over and over...  >:(

Probably just sheer volume due to the bitcoin's purchasing power going up today.

It's very easy for anyone to judge the way we run this place from where you all are sitting.

Scout, I appreciate you sticking up for and defending me and SR so valiantly, but you don't need to waste any more of your precious time on this subject. It appears no ones minds will be changed here.

There are thousands of users on this site, and only one of me. We do the best we can at catching scammers and banning them as soon as we gather enough proof, but I promise that's not as simple as you all make it out to be.

I wish I could show you all the evidence I have that connects Sam's account to notorious scammers in SR's past, I am confident it would convince you all equally if not more as it did me. I even presented the evidence to DPR to make sure that he agreed with this decision. But the truth is, we don't have many tools for connecting identities of anonymous accounts, and I would hate to compromise any of the few methods we do have for investigating these matters. The last thing I want to do is teach the biggest scammers how to cover their tracks from us.

Edar, I have banned eddys420 today. You were right about them and I apologize it took me so long to take them down, but you have no idea how many reports come in every day, and how many people I have on my list of vendors who need to be checked out. We're running this place as fair as humanly possible. There are many instances when we have banned top 1% vendors for something as small as getting too angry at a customer they were arguing with and letting a threat slip in their heated mindstate. We don't let scammers stay here because they bring in money. If a vendor is still here after some controversial activity and reports of scamming, then there is a fair and reasonable explanation. However that doesn't mean that the entire community is entitled to be privy to that explanation.

This was the first time I have banned a vendor for OOE without giving them a second chance, so I can understand why it seems unfair and harsh, but I can assure you all that there is much more to the story then that. I have enough concrete evidence to believe beyond a reasonable doubt that the SamGiancana account is owned by the same person who has owned multiple accounts that have been previously banned for scamming dozens if not hundreds of users, and who made off with a lot of people's money. We did what we did in order to deliver long over-due justice.

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