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Hey guys!

I apologize for the recent little hiatus, but it's time to get this book club back up and running. There are too many eyes to be opened and minds to be awakened, and no time to waste in spreading the ideologies that are the foundation for this wonderful place.

Above are three books that would be great choices for our next book, and to be honest even the ones that lose are likely to still be chosen again at some distant point in the future.

Anyway, I encourage you to look up each title, and consider each selections potential for bringing new members to the book club and encouraging good discussions.

We will run the voting until the end of this week, and then our first weekly meeting will be on Monday. We will continue to meet each Monday following that, discussing that weeks assigned chapter/selection, until we finish.

So, without a further ado...


Security / Re: HOWTO: Run a relay and help the Tor network
« on: August 16, 2013, 10:17 am »
Great post Astor!! +1!

Gotta give props where its due and you certainly deserve them for this.  ;)

After weeks of nominating and voting the decision is finally in! The movie we are watching for our 2nd Official Movie Night is.... (drum roll please):  A Scanner Darkly!!!

So get those torrents downloading, those netflix accounts streaming, and (for those old fashioned types in the audience) those DVD players turned on, cause it's time for Movie Night!

So the way this works is you watch the movie today whenever you get the chance, (I will be watching it later tonight), and then we can spend all weekend or longer discussing it here in this thread. Sound fun? Good! Now get to it.

P.S. - 2nd place in the voting was Dr. Strangelove. I highly reccomend watching that this weekend as well if you have the time, and if one of you would like to start up another thread for discussion on that (or any other movie from the nominations) please feel free to do so.

Links where the movie can be downloaded from or streamed:

Here is the official poll for Movie Night, which by the way will be taking place on Friday August 16th.

There were so many nominations that I couldn't include them all, so if you don't see your nomination in here I'm sorry, but I had to prune the list a bit. I wanted to keep it under 20, but I had to expand it to 25 choices just because there were so many great movies nominated! I tried to weed out the ones that were too incompatible or unrelated to the book clubs theme, and did lot's of research to make sure that I included every choice that had some good connection with the book club focus and libertarianism in one way or another.

We will run this poll until Thursday, the day before Movie Night, and I am considering methods to narrow down the list further as voting goes along. If by Tues or Wed we see a clear top 5 favorites, or something like that, I will remove the rest and make a new poll to narrow down the favorite among those. If you guys have any suggestions for a better way to narrow the list down some, I'm all ears.

Anyway, please pick the movie you think would be best in line with our book clubs theme, and more importantly the movie that you think will foster the best discussions and debates about the ideals our book club was created to foster amongst the community. All in all, I think this experience has given us all a lot of movies to add to our "must watch" list! To all those who decided to watch a movie that they saw on this list or the nomination thread and thought it was worthy of discussion itself, I strongly urge you, in fact I beg you, PLEASE start a thread about that movie and encourage discussion about it.  :)

ATLAS SHRUGGED is my nomination.

I was wondering how long it would take til someone nominated this.  :)

Are you referring to part 1 or part 2? Or should I include both in the poll? Or maybe back to back as one nomination?  :D

Part 2 certainly has much better production value but I worry that if chosen people might have a hard time knowing what was going on due to not watching part 1 first...

I soooooooo wish that "Alongside Night" was out already. It's supposed to be coming out VERY soon, and when it does, I think it will have to be the selection for our 3rd movie night, maybe we can even read the book first.

I wish it was as normal and accepted for people to wear a gun on their hip now as it was back in medieval days for people to wear a sword.

Guns are like condoms, better to have one and not need it than to need one and not have it.

Hey Inigo how is it that you only have 134 posts yet you are a Global Moderator and a first mate ?

Why do I get asked this so much? Is it so shocking that I help run this place?  ??? I didn't make this account until I started working here. The first mate isn't a real position, but on this metaphorical pirate ship of a website, I am the First Mate. (consider the word "am" bold italicized and underlined) Now stop asking questions and "Respect my authoritah!"  :P

I wish it was as normal and accepted for people to wear a gun on their hip now as it was back in medieval days for people to wear a sword.

Guns are like condoms, better to have one and not need it than to need one and not have it.

Well I suppose it is specifically the "drug" part of the freedom movement that brings most of us together, so I have no problems with a drug related movie, as long as it has some underlying message about the war on drugs, the legality of them, societies view vs the govt's view, etc etc.

Something that can somehow be tied into the topic of "freedom".

I think some of you must not be reading the OP and are suggesting things so unrelated to the focus of the book club that I'll have to weed a few out when putting the poll together. Don't get me wrong I'm not strictly defining what relates and what doesn't, but this isn't supposed to be a thread for "name a good movie".

That being said, there are a LOT of great suggestions so far! I am really excited to see what you guys end up deciding on. I am surprised there haven't been very many documentaries nominated yet, considering the focus of the book club, I would think it would be much easier to find documentaries that fit the bill.

The secret of Oz- a smaller version of the money masters, although very similar to the creature from jekeyl island, all 3 are brilliant peices of work

This would be a GREAT choice!! It would tie in perfectly with the book we just finished!! Even if that's not selected, I am going to have to give this a watch myself, and I would certainly recommend it to anyone who was reading the last book with us, or anyone who wanted to but didn't have the time. This would be a great way to educate yourself on the same subject matter.

Why not do one this Friday and another on the 16th? Considering all the interest and all the great suggestions, why limit it to one night?

Because this is a book club not a movie club.  :P

We just happen to throw in a movie night every couple of books. After this movie we'll be getting started on the next reading selection.

Hmm I was thinking of having it this coming Friday, but with how much response this has received in just the first 24 hours maybe we should put it off til the following Friday to give enough time to get as many votes as possible and narrow down the huge selection to the perfect choice... How does that sound to everyone? We let the nominations come in for a few more days, then we can spend a week narrowing it down with a poll.

Unless there is any good reason not to, I say we do this on August 16th.

Waking life

That is one of my favorite movies of all time, maybe even the top favorite of them all. I can watch it over and over and it always has the same wonderful effect on me that it did the very first time I saw it.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please go nominate a movie for the 2nd official DPR's Book Club Movie Night!


So we finally finished up "The Creature From Jekyll Island" and we've decided this would be a great time for our second Movie Night! To create some new interest in the book club, we are going to let you guys choose the movie! Use this thread to nominate whatever films you think should be included in a poll, and after we get enough nominations I'll put up a poll for everyone to vote on which movie we will watch for the 2nd official DPR's Book Club - Movie Night!

Remember the focus of the book club is "agorism, counter-economics, anarcho-capitalism, austrian economics, political philosophy, freedom issues and related topics." Please try to keep the nominations related to that general realm as much as possible. I know there aren't many movies that were written or made by people who share these ideas, so finding good ones can be a challenge. However I am confident that of all people the Silk Road community is up for that challenge.

Let the nominating begin!

P.S. - For those of you who are new to the book club, for our first movie night we watched "V for Vendetta", so don't bother nominating that as it won't be included in the poll. I thought it was best to clarify that since I'm sure it will be the first movie to come to mind for many of you.  :)

Customer support / Re: New vendor questions
« on: July 30, 2013, 07:53 am »
We don't provide any built in function for automated response messages. It's possible for a programmer to design their own bot than can do it, and I've heard of some vendors doing just that. But other then that I don't have any info on the subject.

As for the bond, the refund is a reward for vendors who prove themselves to be a valuable asset to the marketplace. The ONLY way to earn that refund is to meet the requirements laid out in the wiki. If you don't make any sales and close up shop, you forfeit the vendor bond.

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