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Title: Menj and his chronic
Post by: Rhinosaurus on June 12, 2012, 11:50 am
I received a 2g sample of his chronic and I've got to say i was pleasantly surprised, i had no real preconceptions of the bud as the picture isn't the best and the price isn't exactly the highest (understatement of the century) haha. Anyway i ordered on Friday and received my package on Tuesday, very happy at the speed of delivery and my only notable concern was that the address was hand written, I'm sure this is something menj can address soon though, other than that it was double vac packed and couldn't feel anything through the envelope.

The quality of the bud is actually better than i imagined but the first thing that was notable was the size! i have no scales but straight away it looked overweight, and not just a little overweight, a lot overweight! the smell of the bud as i opened was not massively strong but is a nice soft pleasant fruity smell, after leaving it out for a while it has lost the fruity smell and is now much more woody and earthy, but when ground up the fruity undertones come out again. The taste is well..... *rolls a spliff*.....*sparks* the taste is fruity, a bit hazey and hashy. It's not super strong knockout bud but it's incredibly nice to smoke, real smooth and the high is perfect, nice uplifting high but not strong enough to send you tripping, overall a really nice daytime smoke and great value for money.

Here is a link to a good picture of about 1g of his chronic
Title: Re: Menj and his chronic
Post by: slowburner on June 12, 2012, 08:18 pm
Would like to just echo the above, bud is of good quality, middle quality for indoor weed. But then i have been smoking high grade dutch for the past month or so. It is a lot better than UK standard skunk as it clearly has been looked after and cared for. Nice gentle fruity smell. I will weigh it when i get my scales back from a friend but its looks to be well over 3g probably closer to 4g.  Paid roughly £15 for a proper 1/8th, possibly more, none of this 1.6 20quid shit the street dealers are punting out. Wining, will be ordering more soon! Going to say this is probably best value bud available within the EU!
Title: Re: Menj and his chronic
Post by: Rhinosaurus on June 13, 2012, 01:00 am
Yeah for sure! I will definitely be purchasing his 2oz offer at some point if he can assure me it will have a printed address, but even at £140 an ounce it's incredibly good value if you wanted to take the risk.
Title: Re: Menj and his chronic
Post by: grahamgreene on July 08, 2012, 02:51 pm
Just wanted to leave a quick review here for menj:

Ordered 4 Oz of his Chronic I last week. I initially didn't have an address for it so I messaged menj asking if it was okay to place the order and then send the address encrypted afterwards; he replied very promptly to all my messages and had no problem with that set up.
 I placed the order on a Saturday, got the address to him Sunday evening and he shipped it out on Monday. I had it shipped with tracking and signature on delivery so I could keep an eye on it as it was going to a customer - arrived here in 4 days and the packaging was top notch.
Quality-wise it's actually quite good despite what menj himself says about it in the item description; it's a nice stone that kinda creeps up on you giving you a talkative, chilled out high. For that kind of price it's VERY good.


The breakdown:

Communication - 5/5 - Prompt responses to all messages, perfect English. No misunderstandings at all.

Shipping - 5/5 - I ordered the tracking and signature on delivery option; menj had it shipped out within a day of me providing the address and provided the tracking number immediately when requested.

Packaging - 5/5 - Very stealthy packaging, wouldn't suspect it at all and being shipped from that particular country is a big plus. Sealed very well.

Product - 5/5 - Paying $572.84 (including shipping) for 4 Oz, I wasn't expecting the quality to be this good, but it gives a nice stone that creeps up on you giving you a talkative, chilled out high. It was roughly 7g overweight.
I paid $143 an Oz and on the streets here it's selling for $330. For this particular product given current market conditions here most suppliers would be charging about $395 an Oz, so the quality there speaks for itself.

Overall - 5/5 - Perfect transaction with menj, and I'll be ordering again very soon.

- grahamgreene