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Title: Decently Priced US Domestic Alprazolam
Post by: DrColdPillow on April 08, 2012, 05:26 am
I've found it increasingly harder to find my favorite benzo on here. Sure there are the generics from India, but it requires me to sign for the package and that just isn't going to happen. Some of the prices out there aren't that bad, but the number of listings for US pharmaceutical grade alprazolam bars are few and far between, and generally pretty expensive. I'd rather buy full 2mg bars because they're easy to re-sell, and easy to keep, since you'd have less pills but more alprazolam in each pill. I really can't justify paying 380 dollars for 100 bars. I just don't have that type of money to float around in bitcoins right now. Someone out there must have a decent hookup on mass bars? 100 bars for under $250 USD would be ideal, and even under $300 USD would be manageable. Guess I should have gotten googleyed's gram of powder when the listing was still up :/

Also, I know that its an easily scammable thing, (as so thoroughly shown by PayThePiper, et al.) but there's gotta be someone out there with legit, cheap, high quality bars.
Title: Re: Decently Priced US Domestic Alprazolam
Post by: googleyed1 on April 22, 2012, 09:25 pm
USA Alprazolam back in stock!! :D
Title: Re: Decently Priced US Domestic Alprazolam
Post by: maynardJK032 on April 23, 2012, 02:56 am
send me a PM and I'll point you in right direction.
still comes from overseas and generic but quality is there.
shipping time can be anywhere from 8 days to 20+ days though.
if on east coast expect average of 2 weeks.
1.75 per bar last I checked.  been months since I used the service but never had a problem. no signing  required either
ended up with enough stocked that havent needed to make another order.

I will not vouch for the vendor but all my dealings with them have been positive in the past
Title: Re: Decently Priced US Domestic Alprazolam
Post by: RyDivinci on April 28, 2012, 03:38 am
Wow really?
and these are in actual "bar" form? not just 2mg circular pills?
Please send a link or some info. I am quite interested.
I must say, I am interested in the powder as well, but I just don't know if it would some. You know how some addicts are, they have to have what they're used to or they throw a hissy fit. Plus, I cant seem to find where to get a RELIABLE milligram scale. All the scales I find are reviewed as having a lot of fluctuation and in milligrams of alprazolam, thats the difference between half a bar to 2-3 bars...and you know what that means...
waking up naked, with no money, no cellphone, and a black eye..