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Title: Googleyed ukash invalid
Post by: lmao on December 31, 2011, 10:01 am
Hi there,
First of all:
Googleyed already sent me about 90 Bitcoins, very fast, very gently and without any problems.

I also sent him 3 uKash codes worth 250€ which he said are invalid. So about 5 codes sent to googleyed were valid, 3 invalid. I know that there are problems with uKash and that uKash makes codes invalid for no reason, but 3 of 8 codes? Pretty bad statistic.

I DO NOT SAY, that googleyed is a ripper. It is very possible, that these 3 codes were indeed invalid. I just wanted to start this thread, because others might have the same problem. Perhaps googleyed is keeping every third code for himself or so. Or perhaps not and I just had bad luck.

So please report your feedback about googleye's exchange service.
Best regards
Title: Re: Googleyed ukash invalid
Post by: shazam on January 01, 2012, 05:40 am
I just discovered googleyed's Ukash to BTC service and decided to give it a go with a fairly small voucher that I had lying around. Googleyed was quick with returning messages and came through with no problems on this particular transaction.

I have 2 more vouchers (of greater value) that I want to use but unfortunately googleyed has run out of BTC at this stage.

So based on my very limited experience with googleyed everything went well and I was happy with his service.

Until I am able to cash my remaining 2 vouchers I cannot comment on whether they will be successful or not.

Sorry I can't be more help but at least there is someone (me) who has been successful with googleyed's service.

Also, if you are interested in any of his products he may be willing to take Ukash as a payment option. Just an alternative until he replenishes his BTC supply.
Title: Re: Googleyed ukash invalid
Post by: googleyed1 on January 01, 2012, 08:54 pm
i understand your concern 'lmao' however as i have suggested you really need to go back to where you have purchased the voucher and take it up with them.