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Rumor mill / Re: Benzo reviews
« on: October 12, 2013, 05:47 pm »
sunwu is selling pure alprazolam powder over at BMR ;) ;)

Of all the people that DPR could have arranged to receive a shipment from an unproven supplier, DPR selects one of the very few people that has information on DPR and has inside info on SR?

That's some exceptionally good luck on the part of the feds.

DPR didnt arrange anything.. im tired of repeating myself on this thread. DPR only backed the guy. It was me and CP who were talking to arrange it.

It was USPS not a drop,

After DPR started deleting my threads I felt it best to keep quiet.. I did not understand exactly what happened at the time and i didnt want to harm my business by being banned.

Silk Road discussion / Re: SR back up????????????????????
« on: October 10, 2013, 10:43 am »
Be careful guys, DPR was arrested while chatting online in the library to a 'Co-operating' witness... someone very high up in the system here is a rat.. that's if the whole thing is not compromised.

I highly suggest mooving away from SR or anything related to it.

Silk Road discussion / Re: We rise again!
« on: October 10, 2013, 10:41 am »
Be careful guys, DPR was arrested while chatting online in the library to a 'Co-operating' witness... someone very high up in the system here is a rat.. that's if the whole thing is not compromised.

I highly suggest mooving away from SR or anything related to it.

Cp was going to reship it for us to all you lovely people at SR for a cut. DPR had nothing to gain from this deal, he simply had been sweet talked by nob into convincing him nob was a big player. I'm sure DPR saw $$$ in commission at the thought of nob getting off the ground.

As we saw, DPR was just a lonely guy who no one really knew, these sorta guys are susceptible to looking for and finding friends on an online environment. It's always a recipe for disaster for someone like that to run something like this.

lol ok, ok let me clear some things up..

the person who got busted.. this was chronic pain, he was an admin of the site and a friend to DPR. Vendors might remember when their accounts got cleared out briefly? that was CP too.. my belief is that he turned informer after this bust.

The vendor 'nob' was indeed undercover agent, and i knew this, but for some reason DPR tells me to make a purchase from him. So CP offered to be my reshipper and the sting ensued.

DPR tried to have him killed because of his stupidity in trusting this guy nob and i suspect CP knew some personal details of him.

I left bad feedback on nobs page and DPR cleared it.. nob also said he would kill me (hahahah!!)

and i left a message on vendor forums warning people.

thats all.

Silk Road discussion / Re: New currencies
« on: July 02, 2013, 10:28 pm »
Hey guys,

Some interesting updates here. Good work. GE wishes you all the best. Hope it all goes smoothly!

I did notice that this thread was started a few days ago. Was just going to throw the idea out there that it would be really helpful if you could shoot out a mass-message via SR to all us vendors when you know in advance that SR will be down for maintenance.

A lot of us are too busy to frequent the forums as much as we would like, so we don't necessarily notice these posts until the site is actually down. This particular down period came at time when I had just settled in to do a whole bunch of new listings and other work. Would be great in future if we all knew in advance so we could manage our time better.

Not complaining. I know these things need to be done, and you guys bust your asses to make this place as awesome as it is. Just throwing the idea out there for the future.

Good luck, and may your your balls be free of aches!

Kind regards, GE

Tell the guy who got scammed for 5k to come to me in future if he wants coins and I'll help him out ok if this guy did this boy flip knows but anyway if anyone needs pointing in the rite direction for coins just text me ok but you will not be able to do a deal for 5k straight away you'll have to start off with say £500 instalments first then once trust is ok you can order what you like ok or if you want to make things easier you can send me your money and I'll get you the coins then pass them to you through SR to SR done cheers all

If you would care to look down at your keyboard for a moment, to the right of the M key, you will see two other keys. These are the comma key, and the full stop key. Enjoy.

You message Googleyed from the account with which you placed the order, and he fixes the problem. The same procedure applies to almost any problem with a vendor. We look forward to your message.

Kind regards, GE

Newbie discussion / The Order Process from the POV of a Vendor
« on: June 26, 2013, 09:29 pm »
Hello to all you Noobs!

Googleyed has taken it upon himself to share some words of wisdom with all you new comers regarding the way in which the SR system works from the point of view of a vendor. Unless you know what we see on our end and how we work, it occurs to me that the SR system could be a little confusing at times, and with that in mind I would like to share some insights with you:

1. When you place an order, the information comes through to our orders page, and is added to the Unshipped Orders list at the top of the page. We are then able to view the order number, item, quantity, address, customer username, and so on. We take this information, and go about processing your order, weighing, packing, labeling, and finally posting your order off. Whilst we are in this process, the order status will be "processing". SR allows us up to 4 days to process your orders. After this time limit, you, the buyer, will have the option to cancel the order, regardless of whether we have sent it already or not. It is our responsibility as vendors to send out orders and mark them in transit within this 4 day period. Of course, we try to do this as quickly as possible, but the allocated maximum time is 4 days. Furthermore, as with Googleyed, some vendors will have an external shipping department, meaning that the order information will be forwarded to the shipper responsible for the product, they will pack and ship the product, and then they will send confirmation back to the vendor who will then mark the item "in transit". This is the reason that sometimes it can appear as though a vendor has not sent your item, when in fact it is most likely already on the way out, but confirmation has not yet been received from the shipper, and thus it has not yet been marked "in transit". In these instances, do not panic and hassle your vendor. Wait the 4 days, and if they are really slow, you have the opportunity to cancel, and you might even get some free product if they have messed up and sent the order but not marked "in transit" ;)

2. Once your order has been sent out and marked "In Transit", the order leaves the Unshipped Orders list at the top of the Orders Page, and joins the Shipped Orders list at the bottom of the Orders page. As soon as this happens, we vendors can no longer see your address information! This is can be rather inconvenient for us, but it is designed to protect your privacy. From this point on, SR allows 17 days before the order will be automatically finalised, and your payment released from escrow to the vendor. Or of course, you can confirm receipt of the order and release payment yourself. Your third option, in the event that the package does not arrive within the 17 days, is to move the order into resolution. This option however is only available in the last 5 days before the package is due to auto finalise. If your move the order into resolution, it will appear in the Resolution Center area in the middle of the vendor's Orders page (see point 3b).

3a. Whether you finalise your order manually, or the order is auto finalised, all that happens from the vendor's point of view is that the order disappears from the list, and the funds are released into the vendor's account. This is worth noting. Unless you inform us via a message or you put the order into resolution, we will have no idea of any problems that may have occurred with the order. And f you let it auto finalise, you will no longer have the ability to bring it to resolution. In this case, you need to inform the vendor of the problem via a message, and they should try to help you.

3b. If your order does not arrive, or does not arrive as expected, in the final 5 days before auto finalise you can bring the order into resolution. Once you do this, the order will move from the Shipped Orders list of the vendors Order page, and into the Resolution Center. It is worth noting that no automated message will be sent to the vendor, and they may not notice that this has happened immediately. Therefore it is a good idea, and also just plain good manners, to message the vendor before you put the item into resolution. This way, they will be able to attend to your problem immediately, and you can start the resolution process on good terms, having spoken to the vendor in person before bringing SR staff into the mix. In resolution, both parties will have the option to put forward either a due date extension, or a refund % as a resolution. Again, if you put forward a resolution option, no automated message will be sent to the vendor, so it is always best to message them directly to discuss how to move forward. In the case of a reship, the vendor will put a due date extension in the resolution center which you should accept, or you can do this yourself and the vendor will accept. In the case that no resolution can be reached, the case will go to SR staff, who will force a resolution either way. In reality, this should never have to happen, and their time should never have to be wasted. If you politely discuss the issue with the vendor, you should be able to come to an agreement between the two of you, extend the due date or agree on a refund, manage the resolution yourselves, and SR Staff need never be bothered.

4. Whether through resolution, auto finalise, or manual finalise, once your order is finalised it will disappear from the vendor's Orders page. The only trace of it at this point will be in the Account History section of the vendor's control panel. Here the order number can be located and the order information viewed, minus the address, for a further 3 months before being automatically deleted. However, as there are only 35 records per page, locating an old order manually can be a real headache for the vendor. With this in mind, it is always best if you keep your own records of your orders if you feel you might need to reference them at a later date.

The main thing I would like you all to take from this post is, above all, always message your vendor if you have any problems with orders. We are very busy people, and often we may not even have noticed that something is wrong. Be nice, be polite, and raise the issue in an amicable way, and we will always try to help you to the best of our ability. We are humans too, we make mistakes, and issues arise that are out of our control. Just a little communication and a friendly attitude and 99% of the time these issues can be solved very easily.

Also, please guys, don't be assholes and leave us a bad feedback rating if there has been some issue. We all deserve a clean sheet and a 5/5 if we are doing our best to provide a good service. It makes a difference to our business, and it's not OK to abuse that. If you have had an issue, and the vendor has worked with you to solve it, they deserve a 5/5. If they have been an asshole and told you to get fucked, then OK, that is a different story. But when something out of our control has gone wrong, or we made a mistake, but we rectified the situation, don't leave us a 3/5 because you were inconvenienced in some way. That just makes you an asshole. And nobody likes an asshole!

I hope this has been helpful and insightful, and that it will make SR a nicer place to be for all of us. Have a great day you guys!

Kind regards, GE

What would be the point in selectively scamming our customers? i would love to have an answer to this.

So that most people will take your side when someone complains?

More likely, though, this wasn't brought to you, then people have nobody to blame but themselves.

It is irrelevant if someone takes your side or not. If you get shitty feedback, because you provide a shitty service, it shows up on your rating, and people will not buy from you. Unhappy customers = shitty rating = shitty sales = no money. You can not maintain a good rating and "selectively scam". It is hard enough to maintain a good rating as it is, when you have issues with product getting caught by customs, or any other of a vast number of problems which occur when sending illicit drugs half way across the globe. Trust me, no one who "selectively scams" will be a vendor for more than a month.

The feedback system of SR is MASSIVELY customer biased. You can not scam people and maintain a legitimate business. Anyone who even uses the term "selective scammer" to describe a long standing vendor is firstly and idiot, and secondly either butthurt, or a as in this case, a rival vendor posting to try and discourage customers from going to their competition.

Also, as a point of note, if your product doesn't arrive, all you have to do is contact your vendor, and they will help you. People who get butthurt, leave a shitty rating, and then come on forums and flame and just hurting themselves. It should only be a last resort. Vendors are there to provide a service, and if there has been a problem along the way, they will fix it. Simple. No need to be an asshole, just politely ask for assistance. In fact, I think I will go start a thread about this, as I have notice a lot of noobs making this mistake lately..

Peace out homies! GE

Hello all.

It has bee a while since GE has come out of the shadows to make a post, but this just popped up on the radar, and it was just too irresistible to ignore.

Phoboss, I think I speak for everyone on SR when I say this. You are quite possibly the biggest douchebag on SR, if not the world, and at the very least you get a podium position. If there were a customer "round table" you would bomb it on the regular. You're an idiot, and having yet another place where you are allowed to post would just be a further waste of good server space.

Please, anyone reading this, do a search on Phoboss and read some of his epically retarded posts, get a feel for what kind of a guy he is (a douchebag), and then take the opportunity to click the "discourage" button by his username in order to add to his already impressively negative rating ("Karma: +30/-250").

If you happen to be a vendor, Googleyed would like to take this opportunity to issue a beware notice. Don't bother serving Phoboss. It will be more trouble than it's worth in the long run. Trust.

Kind regards, GE

Rumor mill / Re: googleyed
« on: June 15, 2013, 07:10 pm »
Hello friends,

I am very happy to announce we have our Methaqualone back in stock!

We can also offer bulk sales on this product, if you are interested drop us a message for further details and prices.



Product offers / GOOGLEYED - Methaqualone available now!!
« on: June 15, 2013, 12:20 pm »

✜✮✮Methaqualone is now available once again!! We welcome your orders✮✮✜

✜We now offer bulk✜

✜Ships worldwide✜


✜✮✮MDMA - UK Stock prices now reduced!✮✮✜

1g - $44.00
3.5g - $148.31
7g - $286.46
28g - $936.50
100g - $3,271.50
500g - $10,173.50
1kg - $15,248.50

✜Ships worldwide✜

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