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Title: Message on page.
Post by: cronus12 on August 05, 2011, 12:50 pm
So, the bellow PGP signed message is now seen on the page.  I am wondering if this is a truthful message or if the guy is just hoping that by telling everyone that it was a security breach that he can safely walk away with peoples coin.  To me it sounds like he is making things up and is thinking if he comes up with an excuse making it sound like the mtgox event that people will understand and leave him alone.

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                                                     Thursday, August 4th, 2011

           From the desk of Tom Williams, operator of

                         For immediate release.

As you have probably noticed, had been down for almost a week due
to an unfortunate event.

On Friday of last week we noticed that one of our pooled holding servers was
missing a large amount of Bitcoins. After a prompt investigation we realized
that the security of our SCI (Shopping Cart Interface) system had been
breached by an unknown attacker.

Our response was rash, but necessary. We simply switched the system off until
we could have system-wide forensics performed. The forensics took some time,
as the system is quite complex by nature.

After weighing all of our options, we have realized that we have no option but
to go into receivership. We will settle all accounts with a online claim
process that we are currently in the process of working out.

We will release more detailed information about the security breach, the claim
process, and our balance sheet in the next few days.

Tom Williams

Version: GnuPG/MBC v1.0

Title: Re: Message on page.
Post by: envious on August 05, 2011, 01:11 pm
Thank god you posted this because there is no other threads on this already. Lulz