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Title: Suggestion: Write a book
Post by: Aleatto Random on August 03, 2011, 12:54 am
Here is a suggestion for owners of Silk Road: Write a book about Silk Road and all surrounding it.

All of this happening right now is gold material for a book and maybe a future documentary. Owners of Silk Road should collect all interesting information they can today to make a book in the future. It may take a few years before you are able to publish it but history here fascinating.

The bitcoin system, the Gawker article, the deep web, encryption, the mail system and many other things are really really awesome. I keep visiting Silk Road forum because it keeps more and more interesting everyday.

People here are almost always polite and helpful and seems to be very educated. It's quite a hassle to figure all out: enter the deep web, trade money for bitcoins and talk with the supplier using encryption. All of this is a barrier for idiots. And that's why for every new challenging situation you have presented creative solutions.

Silk Road is taking all of the violence from to illegal trading using clever and modern ways. Buyers here know exactly what they are buying and probably already researched a lot about the drugs they are buying.

We don't live anymore away from information. In the past we had to believe in many false information like "LSD is addictive and will make you go crazy" or "Ecstasy drains your spinal fluid". Now you have places like Erowid. Even Wikipedia has more accurate information then what was published by news in the past. Plus, it's hard to believe old information when you see people partying with recreational drugs and still carrying it's life forward, studying, working, graduating, marrying and having children without any trace of drug use.

As written in a report by Florida's CDC "By 2009, the number of deaths involving prescription drugs was four times the number involving illicit drugs." Link is here:

Free information on the Internet made us aware of lethal doses and what to expect on a trip of every possible drug. Today we are way smarter than people who had only the dealer to get the information. We can even buy tests kits to see what components we have inside a pill and even if you don't get the test kits you can consult a huge database of ecstasy pills. Therefore recreational drug use is increasing along with safety.

The cool thing about getting this book transformed into a documentary is that big companies like The Discovery Channel can get rare images. I saw a documentary these days about LSD on National Geographic and they where able to find rare images from Nicholas Sand LSD lab from late 60's. In his interview he said he probably produced over half billion LSD doses. You can read a little more about him here: .

Well, here is a list with some of the most interesting thing I read on the forum:

A chemist selling it's knowledge;

A warning that photos posted on the internet may carry EXIF data revealing the serial number of the camera and thus revealing buyer of the camera;

All the explanation on how to transform money into bitcoins and vice-versa;

The guy that worked into the postal office and answered many questions about how the mailing system is monitored;

All about PGP and encrypted chat;

The Gawker article, how that raised bitcoins price, how MtGox hack lowered prices and how at the end, everything went back to normal;

The possible lack of anonymity of bitcoins trade;

The possibility that checking a mail number using TOR may alert LE;

The fact that people here are from many many different countries;

All the tricks to ship it safely and if people receiving should or not use a fake name or and address other than their house;

The funny guy who asked a sellers about a large amount to sell to those "rich kids at college" and possible is a LEO or really really naive guy;


It seems that most of us have a true pleasure to figure a way to bypass new challenges and here we feel part of the early days of a new system. Many more interesting things will appear as time passes. Publish a book or a documentary may not be easy -- but -- as usual, you'll figure a clever way to do it. The world keeps being a fascinating place and we're living an interesting and historic changes.

To those who will write the book, I wish good luck. To everybody here, I wish the same luck, because we're part of this history.

And if the writer feels like, just put anywhere on the book in small letters: Thanks Aleatto Random. I'd be truly happy.
Title: Re: Suggestion: Write a book
Post by: redtide on August 03, 2011, 01:09 am
I have another suggestion: DON'T WRITE A BOOK.
Title: Re: Suggestion: Write a book
Post by: Kind Bud on August 03, 2011, 02:13 am
I like both ideas. <3
Title: Re: Suggestion: Write a book
Post by: rake on August 03, 2011, 04:12 am
Like everything, eventually it will be turned into a movie.
Title: Re: Suggestion: Write a book
Post by: envious on August 03, 2011, 04:17 am
But Silk Road is based off a book.