Author Topic: [Variable] Hidden Service Programmers [CLOSED]  (Read 8917 times)

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[Variable] Hidden Service Programmers [CLOSED]
« on: October 27, 2013, 08:26:20 am »
Reports to: Dread Pirate Roberts

Remuneration: Variable (Project Based)

We are seeking to bring on a small team of highly skilled programmers who can help design new, secure hidden services as part of our wider network development. At no point will you have privileged access to Silk Road or the servers it is hosted on for security. You will be involved in a series of projects and should be capable of designing entire services on your own although you will often form part of a team. Payment and time commitments are free to be chosen on a per-project basis although it is recommended you leave at least 2-3 hours per day before joining the group as payment is on result of privately posted bounties as opposed to regular salaries.

Apply to: Dread Pirate Roberts. Please include all of your competencies and experience. You must speak fluent English. Please also submit any ideas you already have of new services/websites that you believe should be made available as hidden services as well as any other areas of interest you would like us to consider (such as what type of project you would prefer to work on).

ID Check: No

Time Demands: Variable

Closing Application Date: Ongoing
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