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Title: forum issues
Post by: Dread Pirate Roberts on October 19, 2011, 02:15 am
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There have been some strange things happening on the forums lately that I would like to try to explain.

1) Two forums.  We recently switched the forum over to a new, faster server and upgraded it from v2.0 to v2.0.1.  We did this because we are going to be hosting a couple of other services on the server and the forums were getting a little sluggish anyway.  We got a bunch of reports that there were two versions of the forum, but not until now did I realize what that meant.  We must have left the old forum running on the old server at the same .onion url.  I could have sworn this didn't happen, but it is the only explanation I can think of.  In any case, that server is off now and we shouldn't have this problem any longer.
2) Missing posts.  There was a hole discovered in the forum software we use that allowed a user to gain administrative privileges.  Some members of the community told us about it and we applied the patch, but in the mean-time, whoever was exploiting the hole deleted a bunch of posts.
3) Forum down completely.  Today the forum was down completely.  This was unrelated to the outage of the main site.  We still don't know the reason for the outage, but it looks like the server simply froze because a hard reboot brought it back to normal.

I know it has been frustrating, but thank you for your patience through all of this.  We'll continue doing everything in our power to ensure smooth sailing from here on out :)

As a side note, I'll often read posts on the forum expressing frustration and asking for a solution to some problem.  Whenever I see these posts, I try to address the issue, but I don't read everything and some posts don't get reported.  If you have an issue you want a response to, just use the contact us link on the main site and we'll do our best to help you.

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Title: Re: forum issues
Post by: fantastically on October 19, 2011, 02:30 am
So, are all the posts made on 2.0 during this time period forever gone?
Title: Re: forum issues
Post by: RapidImprovementV2 on October 19, 2011, 02:43 am
My password I always use on these forums isn't working. Sent a recovery e-mail TWICE, and got nothing. SOMETHINGS UP WITH THE FORUMS.

 SR, I know your busy as FUCK, but this is really frustrating. How am I supposed to get my RapidImprovement SRF account back? Please help :(

Title: Re: forum issues
Post by: dothisthing on October 19, 2011, 06:57 am
It's not that someone deleted posts. It's that any posts made on the other forum, the 2.0 forum, are not on this forum. It seems that at some point the forums were alternating but that since 10/14 only the 2.0 forum was active so no posts were made on this forum during that time. All those posts should still be on that forum, if it still exists, but they will never be here. Merging divergent databases is most likely impossible.

Probably the best SR can do, if the other forum still exists, is to host it on a subdomain/subfolder (in read only mode so people don't keep posting there) or another URL for a little while so people can retrieve their hard-worked-on threads and continue important conversations. Then people can manually port threads by starting new ones with the pasted content of the old one; not an elegant solution but at least conversations can continue that way.

RI, you mentioned in another thread that you changed your password recently, it would have only changed in the 2.0 forum so this forum should still have your pre-split password. Good luck.
Title: Re: forum issues
Post by: huecityboy on October 19, 2011, 07:16 am
Yeah, my old password didn't work I started again with a totally different usernam, what the fuck...after a few days I'll try to straighten it out, but since it happend to lots of us, no big deal...The main forum is back up, seems to be running o.k., and my password there is fine...I kind of like having two different usernames anyway...before I had the same one...
Title: Re: forum issues
Post by: LexusMiles on October 19, 2011, 07:24 am
Thank you SR.. And thanks to the man Mito too for his ForumA and ForumB threads.. In the sea of madness, those were like the beacons of sanity ( however the paradox was they illuminated how F'd up shit was really getting).

Set sail for higher seas all  :P
Title: Re: forum issues
Post by: RapidImprovementV2 on October 19, 2011, 06:29 pm