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Silk Road discussion / Re: Alias Reset Notice
« on: August 21, 2013, 08:21 pm »

Silk Road discussion / updates on discussion feature
« on: August 21, 2013, 08:20 pm »
first off, everyone's alias was reset recently back to their main account names.  This was a mistake, but unfortunately is irreversible, so I just went ahead and removed every discussion post so far because there was no way of knowing who was affected.  Also, when you click "remove" on one of your posts, it will remove it entirely instead of just saying "(deleted)".

There are a few concerns that have been brought up about this feature and I would like to address them now.

Q: Is it going to be a free for all full of scams and spam?
A: Hopefully not.  There is currently a $100 minimum spent requirement for posting, and our admins have the power to suspend an accounts ability to post.  So, if anyone is abusing the system, they will have to spend another $100 at least to do it again.  I can't see this being profitable, but if it is and we have a systemic problem, we can always raise this requirement.

Q: Won't vendors be able to know who is posting since they can see their customer's stats?
A: Yes.  However that is only true for a small window of time when they have access to the buyer's stats and the buyer's stats haven't changed.  If this is a concern for you, then you should not post in the threads of vendor that can make this deduction

Q: Isn't this redundant since we have the rumor mill forum board?
A: There is a certain amount of overlap, but I think this is a much improved system at least in concept and we can keep working at it to make it better.  It is much more convenient to have the thread associated with the category/vendor/item right there on the site.  A user's stats (reputation) is right there, helping people know who's posts to trust.

Q: Shouldn't a vendor be able to opt out?
A: They can opt out by going into stealth mode.  If they want to be a public SR vendor, then people should have the option to discuss them and their items.

One concern that was raised is the pain it will be for vendors to check the discussions for all of their various items.  This is valid and I have it on the list to make this easier for them.

Silk Road discussion / Re: Forbes interviews Dread Pirate Roberts
« on: August 21, 2013, 12:46 am »
So its official then, the DPR we know today is not the DPR who started the site.

I wonder how many other critical bugs exist in Silk Road's infrastructure. It doesn't seem unlikely that if the current DPR was able to identify something catastrophic in SR's code that a more talented programmer with a little time and motivation wouldn't also be able to do. This doesn't really give me much confidence in SR and I don't know how wise it was to include something like that in the article.

Take for example what has recently happened with people being logged into others accounts without ever meaning or trying to do so. Just a random "conflict" bug apparently which had a 1 in 10²⁶  chance of happening. Yet someone else (if not multiple others) are reporting that this has also happened to them since it was apparently "fixed". Nothing about this has been addresses yet and it raises a lot of discomfort and questions.

As each day passes I have less and less faith in these vehicles we use to gain and maintain our freedoms. Don't get me wrong, I love SR as much as the next guy, but I'm beginning to feel as if it isn't as safe as we all think. We're just pawns in this game that is being played and outside of not trusting anyone at all I don't think anything we do here is as secure as we seem to think. Just my 2 cents.

All that negativity aside, I am still glad to be a part of this place and I hope it continues to thrive. Thanks for maintaining this ship for us DPR and I wish you all the best especially when you need it most. Long live DPR!

To a certain degree, I agree with you. Though, that certain degree is no larger or smaller than the degree at which I place that trust in my own physician, the teachers at my children's' schools, the parents at my children's' friends' houses. The grocery store, where I buy my fruit. The pharmacy, where I pick up my vitamins and OTC remedies. Running a credit card at a walgreens. Signing up for an online game. Registering to vote. Calling my parents. Eating lunch. Waking up.

Every single one of those things can be maliciously invaded. Every. Single. One. I'm left to consider, which ones have already been invaded, which ones are likely to have been invaded and I just don't know it, and which am I supportive of... even given that risk.

Honestly, from the standpoint of the "what could be" and "who could do it," the information is plentiful on how scary it really is. The truth is, you aren't safe. That is a truth that is without any semblance of doubt. There will always be someone out there trying to "get in" and cause harm. That is what makes us human, the ability to make the choice between right and wrong. Unfortunately, some make the choice to do wrong. We have to live with that, as it is that very choice that we fight for anyways - and while we think ourselves to be doing right, there are others that think us to do wrong, to do harm.

I am neither surprised, nor shocked, to find out that DPR is not the same person. Hell, the very name hints at that in its reference from The Princess Bride - and I merely assumed that it was true all along, based on that alone. Recently the movie night was for V for Vendetta. The story is both of the initial revolutionary topic, but also of its continuation. This is made obvious in the movie, but it is more widely explored in the novel. V, is not one person. Batman, is also not one person. It comes to mind that this personifies something else - government. We have a president, and have had a president since the birth of our country. That office has changed frequently. The difference is only that we know who the president is. Is it really so different? Each one has changed the country, each has left his mark. Some may see some of those terms as bad, others good. Hardly ineffectual though.

SR is a piece of software. We are a community. SR has bugs, we have flaws. SR has exploits, we have usurpers. SR can be fixed, and we can stand strong in the face of tyranny.

Not to ruin the wave of adulation but you know the DEA is going to drop this issue of Forbes on Obama's desk and ask for triple the resources to come after you claiming you are attempting to spread propaganda and are now a risk to national security as a rogue political actor. Nothing feds hate more than being made to look like fools, gives them extra focus, incentive and resolve to crush you by any means possible. Satoshi never gave any interviews for a good reason. I'm sure every paper on earth would love to hear his about his politics and reasons for creating BTC and yet we never hear from him. Strategically a sound move on his part.

I also found an interesting tidbit from the Freedom Hosting case. The US's entire extradition argument lies on the fact that the guy used a 'US IP address" to access the main server and generate reseller free accounts for Tor users. I believe that would be a Tor exit node. Might want to edit torrc to prevent any US nodes/relays for however you do maintenance of SR and anything else you are engaged in. Stay safe and crank up the paranoia you will need it, if the site get's exploited and somebody magically appears to help you fix it at exactly the right time: it's the fedz

While I agree it is something of an insult and a sort of challenge to the governments of the world - and, as I mentioned before, this is not out of tune with the character developed in The Princess Bride - I think that a poor assumption of location is made. Obviously one can make the argument that the CIA can assassinate someone from anywhere... but lets be honest. DPR is probably one of the CIA's best friends. He keeps what they're doing on TOR in the shadows, and DPR/SR is the perfect bait for real targets to think TOR is their golden goose of security. (**Edit: I don't mean to imply he/us/the app are bait, I mean that TOR and the CIA have other desires, and those desires are best served by an active community on TOR. To destroy SR would be counter to that, and with the CP bust "justice has been served" on TOR for now.)

Let's not forget the truth everyone: TOR is a CIA invention.

Imagine being DPR and walking into the book store to buy a copy of that magazine. :)

The clerk will be like, "Oh I read that. It's amazing that someone is doing that. Have you heard about Silk Road?"

And he'll have to say, "No, never heard of it."

Imagine every one of us going into a book store to buy a copy of that magazine,

The clerk will be like, "Oh I read that. It's amazing that someone is doing that. Have you heard about Silk Road?"

We'll all say, "No, never heard of it."

oustanding post.  glad you have you part of the community offbeatadam!

Silk Road discussion / Re: feedback system overhaul
« on: August 20, 2013, 09:17 pm »
lots of critics today...  not sure what to say except sorry for giving you more info, tools and options?  We have the manpower to moderate the discussion boards and everything else.  We aren't stretched thin or anything like that.  If you don't like the speed at which vendors you think are scammers are demoted, I encourage you to flag them and provide DETAILED EVIDENCE for why they should be demoted.

Silk Road discussion / Re: SR and BMR
« on: August 20, 2013, 07:35 pm »
SR was launched in early Feb 2011.  June 10th sounds about right for BMR.

Very nice! I just posted a comment using the new discussion system.  2 things:

1)  After placing my post I wanted to edit it but I didn't see an edit option.  Am I missing it or will it be added later?

2) I tried deleted the post and my message was deleted by the area with my alias and stats are still there.  Will they there now forever with (deleted) as the message or will it disappear eventually?

1) right now you can just delete and then post again

2) we won't keep posts forever, waiting to see how far back people look once the feature has been around a while.  probably a couple months at most.

Silk Road discussion / Re: feedback system overhaul
« on: August 20, 2013, 02:20 am »
I feel like this whole discussion system is just sort of redundant....

What would I put into a discussion post that would not be a part of my review if I bought a product from the vendor?

What would I want to say about a vendor that I wouldn't put in their rumor mill thread or some other thread on the forums?

Maybe it gives someone without a forum account some sort of voice that isn't just a review, but if you haven't ordered from a vendor or actually bought a product why should you be able to say anything public about them anyway? I think that "discussion" is probably going to be less reliable than any reviews that are made after a purchase and real experience with the vendor.

we have more changes to come to the review section of vendor pages, so you will be able to see what people who've bought from the vendor have to say (you can now too).  The discussion part is so people can ask questions of the vendor, compare products, give tips, ask for new products, etc etc.  Its an open format so long as you are polite and stay on topic, so we'll just wait and see what people use it for :)

Thanks for the link Bart.
As Gus said in your account settings you can choose an alias for these comments so people won't be able to link your buyer stats with your username.  It seems like they set it up so you can't use an alias that is already a username for someone else. 

The only concern with the above is that a vendor could still link your comments based on your buyer stats. If you have bought from them, how long can they see your buyer stats, can they no longer see them once you have finalized?

I don't see how you can be connected if you are using an alias.

Silk Road discussion / Re: feedback system overhaul
« on: August 20, 2013, 01:07 am »
I do not want everyone to see how much I have spent etc..

like it says just above where you submit a post, you can change your discussion alias to something different than your username.

we're back up.  please post bug reports and feedback here about the discussion pages here.

Silk Road discussion / taking the site down for discussion update
« on: August 19, 2013, 11:18 pm »
I'll be taking the site down pretty soon to roll out and test the discussion features mentioned yesterday.  If all goes well, we'll have the ability to discuss vendors, items and categories directly!

Silk Road discussion / Re: feedback system overhaul
« on: August 19, 2013, 04:28 pm »
so, I'm not seeing this mythical bar chart.  Is it because I have turned on no script and have shut off all the java etc etc in the torbrowser options?  you know, like we should be doing to stay safe.

I have all that off as well and don't see any bar graphs either.

we don't use javascript anywhere in the site for just that reason.  You should be able to see it next each item when browsing categories and on vendor pages.

this would be treated in the same way as exchange services.  no escrow, no listing price.  you just put a listing priced at zero in the services category.  Basically it is not supported because SR is not a job board, but you can still get around that with zero priced listings if you really want to.

Silk Road discussion / Re: feedback system overhaul
« on: August 18, 2013, 10:55 pm »
OP updated

Silk Road discussion / Re: feedback system overhaul
« on: August 18, 2013, 09:36 pm »
On a buyers point of a view, the visual rating system is a step in the right direction. But the design (bar graph style) seems off and confusing at first glance.

Is the bar graph the product ratings? Then I hover for overall vendor ratings, right? I shouldn't have to read your post to figure out how it works. It should be more natural.

Something simpler and easier to understand would be nice. Perhaps a title on the top saying "product ratings". Or stealing some cues from a popular website and using stars instead of plain boring 'rating'. 'Stars' mean something, if that makes any sense.

I like the amazon rating system (X)(X)(X)(X)(X) (98)
Your stars would be the rating, next to the # indicating amount of reviews for the product

amazon's rating system won't work for SR.  they are product centered while we are vendor centered.  The reason is that they sell standardized products where many sellers can sell the exact same thing.  We don't have that luxury.  So, all ratings are vendor ratings.

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