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Title: Problem with an order...wrong amount + cancelled order
Post by: dissolvedgirl on September 14, 2013, 07:05 pm
I placed 2 orders for the same product from 2 different vendors but ordered different amounts from each vendor so I would know which order was which when I go them.  I ordered 3 from one vendor & a pack of 10 from another.  The vendor I ordered 3 from told me that he was about to ship the order but then cancelled it. So I ordered 3 more from a 3rd vendor. 
Today I received 2 packages. One with 3 pills and one with only 1 pill in it.  So someone made a mistake.  Do I question the vendor that I ordered a 10 pack from? Since it was a pack the quantity on the order was still listed as 1 so I could see how a mistake could be made there.
The only other thing I could think was that the first vendor who cancelled but had said he was about to ship...did actually ship & then accidentally cancel but there is still only 1 pill in the package instead of 3 so that doesn't make sense either.
How is the best way to handle this and figure it out? I know it is my word against any seller since I did receive a package but not the right quantity. I also don't want to accuse anyone of any wrongdoing if they did not do it but it seems most likely to me that the seller of the 10 pack made a mistake. I had ordered from that seller once in the past and he shorted me only 1 pill...but it was a different item & inexpensive so I only messaged him about it to let him know at the time. I am uncomfortable accusing him if it is at all possible that the order that was cancelled somehow came through...and that seller is the one that made the error. Seems unlikely but I just don't know. 
I don't like accusing people of things & I don't want to leave anyone negative feedback for an error. I just want the rest of my order.

Any advice?
Title: Re: Problem with an order...wrong amount + cancelled order
Post by: cirrus on September 14, 2013, 07:13 pm
Unfortunately with the multiple orders from the same countries, consisting of similar items, you create this very problem of not knowing which vendor is which.  You might be able to get one of the vendors to confirm their style of packaging through PGP, but otherwise it's a lesson learned to not order the same items from various vendors from the same shipping country. 
Title: Re: Problem with an order...wrong amount + cancelled order
Post by: dissolvedgirl on September 14, 2013, 07:46 pm
I am almost 100% positive due to the tracking history that the one with 3 is the second order of 3 that I purchased after the first was cancelled.
how likely is it for a cancelled order to actually be shipped though? seems very unlikely to me. I also had ordered the cancelled order express which neither of these are.  So it seems to me that the person I ordered 10 from made a mistake and sent 1.  How does resolution deal with something like this? Since pretty much anyone could lie and say they did not receive the correct amount. i've definitely learned my lesson & will be more careful in the future.  I thought ordering different amounts & different forms of mail would easily differentiate the sellers. it's the mysteriously cancelled order that is throwing in the added confusion.