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Title: Negotion Process?
Post by: Poobanator on August 30, 2013, 12:12 pm
Good Morning...

I've had an incident where I placed 3 orders with the same vendor at the same time.... worth about 5000 bucks in total.  With 2 days to go before Autofinalize, I went to resolution seeking more time.  That automatically caused my Auto finalize date to change to "Due In" 5 days.

With just 1 or 2 days to go, A package arrived that contained 2 out of 3 of my orders totalling about 4200 of my 5000 spent.  So I released payments on those 2 orders.

However it appeared that 3rd package would of probably been in there, due to the fact that one of the Stealthy boxes that had been in the package was only half full, and the end of the box was oddly opened.. (although that box was in a sealed bubblewrap envelope.  it appears to me, either someone forgot to pack the missing item, or more so that someone scooped that perticular product from the box prior to sending to the post office (skimmer in Vendor's network or bad postal man in vendor's country).

So I resubmitted a resolution, to extend for 2 weeks, which was accepted SR. (as my vendor has not yet responded to my resolution problem.  Since that time now over 6 days ago, I have sent 3 messages to my vendor, explaining exactly what I got, what it looked like, how the box appeared to be tampered with etc.. In hopes that it could help him figure out what the problem might be....  I even showed up at my drop address at 7:30am in the morning to find my bud crashed on his couch with a fiver of oil from the night before. (WHich is not what was missing from my package.. lol), coupled with the fact I've been selling my "friend" the product I purchased every day since.... So I'm 100% confident he's not responsible for the missing product.

So it's now almost 7 days since my innitial email to my vendor since, the package arrived... And he's still not even read one of my messages. (although prior to that he did say that messaging was slow as he's out of country).

After all that long explanation... My question is... Should I be trying to communicate through the resolution messages? or via regular messaging?  I have 8 days left, and if my vendor doesn't even communicate with me.. what will the result be?   Personally were talking big orders here, and I'd rather keep strong relationships with my suppliers etc... then to cause a rift over what is essentially an amount equal to 14% of the complete order.

Does SR staff take into consideration our messages that are sent to one another?  Have they any access to that at all?  Or is only the messages sent via the resolution center matter?  Am I communicating in the wrong place?

I talk to much.. sorry, and thank you.

Title: Re: Negotion Process?
Post by: cirrus on August 30, 2013, 02:10 pm
Everything is taken into consideration during a resolution of a dispute.  Just hang tight and they'll get to it.

Title: Re: Negotion Process?
Post by: samesamebutdifferent on August 30, 2013, 08:35 pm
All resolution matters should be dealt with in the resolution center yes. If required though SR admins can review your private PM's between you and the vendor, deleted or otherwise so if you need to, make reference to any relevant PM's in your proposal in the resolution center.