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Title: unreal vendor seems to have gone awol
Post by: chaoslalique on August 10, 2013, 02:25 pm
i cant believe im writing this . this vendor has incredibly high rating. but has not appeared for 8 days. not read messages. not accepted resolution for extension. nothing. whats worse is this vendor who ive had much dealings with, he just works like clockwork.9-10 days later ALWAYS appears. now im thinking im just unlucky lost package ill bear it.  however upon reading the forums the same thing has happened to 2 different buyers (im assuming internationals he mostly does domestic ). and im assuming in different locations...its an assumption, but it couldnt be the same location as me a very safe location...and i would probably be his only customer in this location). so a coincidence ?! i dont want to quote the threads in order to ID the vendor but the other guys are as incredulous as me. yet still nothing from the guy.its close to auto finalising ive asked for extension he hasnt replied . 2 others im assuming are in the same boat. how do i stop it from auto finalising. i mean i like this vendor so much that if it was a no show i wouldve paid anyway but 2 others in exactly the same boat and he has gone missing , somethings not right. he did say he would be away till recently but it is past that point and its close to auto finalising and the other internationals havent received theirs, and he is not accepting resolution for extension (no way has it been caught it wasnt sent or it was done incorrectly i think, as 2 others are in same boat im assuming) .....please help.
ps: im sorry i dont even know whether this is the right area to post ....but im going through the process before opening a support ticket and im not sure how long before it autofinalizes i should start a process.
Title: Re: unreal vendor seems to have gone awol
Post by: cirrus on August 10, 2013, 06:42 pm
You can open a ticket anytime, but don't start one only because you're concerned over the order.  Give it some time for the resolution center to work.
Title: Re: unreal vendor seems to have gone awol
Post by: chaoslalique on August 11, 2013, 01:24 pm
excuse my stupidity but when do you consider it an appropriate time to open a understanding was before it auto finalised because after that its too late...i could be wrong. auto finalise is 3 days ,he has not responded to to my resolution of a time extension. he has not even be seen for 9 day...add to that missing packages unheard of him from this guy gut tells me somethin is not right...i hope im wrong. the resolution centre can only work if he is there ...and replyin and so far he aint ...thus back too my orignial question when in your opinion should i open a ticket ...surely not after auto finalises in 3 days as then the money is gone....or is there more to this procedure i dont know. yo black asked me the name of the vendor in a private message i tried to reply but it was not finding you ?! i dont want to publish the vendors name out in the open as he is usually unreal but i will if a mod says it ok though im hesitant till all angles have been looked at.
Title: Re: unreal vendor seems to have gone awol
Post by: samesamebutdifferent on August 11, 2013, 02:35 pm
After 8 days you are well within your right to contact support and/or post the vendors name here, I am sure you are not alone in wondering what has happened to them, it is not like you are flaming them or something, you are hoping to find out what is going on.