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Title: 1 Kilo of xanax powder for $4k
Post by: CoinBank on August 02, 2013, 11:39 am
Sick of some guy named Costco having a monopoly on Xanax powder? Sick of paying over $200 a gram of something that cost Vendors like Costco and older Vendors like J4y and Arnold about $4? Do we all realize that these guys are making like 5000% PROFIT MARGIN??? Well I say fuck that. This is the reason I have never bought dick off of these guys and instead purchase my grams for $20 from my homie. Sure I could buy a Kilo or two and do some business on here and compete with Costco. But the reason I don't? Because I think its just fucked up to use all you for these kind of outrageous profit margins. If anyone is interested in purchasing this shit its really fucking easy.

If you have some pretty rock hard balls and aren't afraid of getting shit sent from China then email [REDACTED] at <[REDACTED]> - my buddy has done this 3 times and it went through the border easy as cake. Downside? Well if it gets caught you're looking at a possible controlled delivery as well as at least 2 weeks for it to get to your place no matter what.

If you want to play it safe it'll cost you but you're still getting a your grams for like $10,000. If you wanna play it safe and have some startup cash hit up [REDACTED] at <[REDACTED]>  my buddy has hit up this guy about 5 times and this is the easiest by far since he is in the US so he is domestic for us plus he'll deliver Priority Mail so two days and bam - your swimming in powder. Downside His price is more than double [REDACTED]'s and he only takes bitcoins and getting $10,000 in bitcoins is a pain in the ass!

If anyone is interested I say hit one of these guys up. Both of their shit is 99% pure.

Either even up the game up or quit getting your ass ripped the fuck off!! If you're worried about getting ripped off - just wait till someone takes a chance and get some feedback so your not trippin.

Either way good luck out there! Even if this is just an FYI.
Title: Re: 1 Kilo of xanax powder for $4k
Post by: Libertas on August 08, 2013, 12:10 am
Consider this your first and only warning: sales are not permitted without purchasing a Silk Road vendor account. If you attempt to make sales again before obtaining vending privileges your account will be deleted.

EDIT: It seems that you do have a vendor account but are also directing Silk Road members off-site for purchases.
You were already given an initial warning about making sales here by cirrus:

Account deleted for attempting to make sales on the forums and directing Silk Road buyers off-site on numerous occasions.