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ugh, the pgp argument again. this is way off topic of this post but I have to comment

it is a useless way of thinking you are more secure than you are.  period

if you have a public key, what is to stop any non-legit person from having the public key also? ANYONE can read and write messages using the PUBLIC key posted right?

if anything, I can say I am weary of people who use it to make themselves seem more "legit" than they really

I REFUSE to use pgp, if that loses me a sale, so be it. I NEVER message or conduct business outside of SR so for me there is no need to encrypt anything. I don't keep records and I have no need to do so

anyone who thinks they are being somehow MORE secure using encryption for everything is fooling themselves. you set yourself up to be lazy and complacent thinking you are protected when you are not.

flame away

Not a flame, but I recommend that you should not knock it before you try it. 1. it takes some time and effort to learn how to use it. 2. Lets say you encrypt a message with my key. I am the only person that can open and read that encrypted message. Even if my computer was compromised, the person would have to know the passphrase that I used to make the key.

But, you are right, just because someone has a gpg does not automatically make them legit. But, its one less red flag and one more layer of security.

Another example: Lets say Silk road gets compromised (god forbid) and the feds are now in control of the market. If you were to purchase something and use the gpg key, no-one but the vendor that you encrypted it to would be able to decrypt and see your home address.

So, if you get the grasped of the whole thing, it really does make a lot of sense. Plus, its free!

Product requests / Re: Dilaudid / Hydromorphone
« on: July 09, 2011, 07:54 pm »
It looks like there is a bigger need for dilaudid than for roxies or opana (although, the demand for the last two is quite big). I could get them but that would mean sacrificing one. But, hell, If I can get 35 bucks for a 4mg dillie, It would most definitely be worth my while. I used to take them regularly, since i don't do needles (bad experience) dillies were worthless. Most likely, i would get the 8mg dillies if I were to do this. If there is a lot of demand, I just might do it..(used to get opana ir's as well,  but gave them up for the same reason)

Is there a demand for them at that price?

SR uses the 24h average price for calculation. The rate at the bottom is the live exchange rate.

That makes a lot more sense. When I checked the btc vs the dollar, there was a pretty big difference. (this was during last weeks big dip).

Rumor mill / Re: Illy on SR
« on: July 09, 2011, 07:14 pm »
I had an order cancelled by Illy over the holiday weekend. But then on Tuesday I reordered and now it's showing in transit. I'm guessing the guy just got overwhelmed a little bit and is working on a system to be more efficient. Just remember for every one of us on here posting there is probably five other guys placing an order on SR

I would agree, I have done quite a few orders and only one or two has posted anything over here.

Rumor mill / Re: MSeller on SR
« on: July 09, 2011, 07:11 pm »
Wow, so he claims he didn't get it and then you refund his money and then you ship him another order for free and then he does that? I would write him off as well. You went above and beyond the call of duty on that one...

Rumor mill / Vendors giving misinformation
« on: July 09, 2011, 02:50 pm »
Most of you know that Im all about harm reduction. It irks me when I see someone selling an opiate and then say "this doesn't cause nausea, yada yada" That is so wrong. It may not cause him/her nausea because they know their body and dosage. But to assume that it will have "no side effects" on everyone else is just plain wrong..

It's all about dosage and administration. Hell, codeine can make someone nausea and you can od and die. Just because its a certain drug, doesn't mean it wont cause side effects and nausea or death.

Its up to the user to know his/her body and tolerance. I would hate to have someone die because they were told something like this...

Rule of thumb, if you are opiate naive, look up the starting dose, its easy to find medical sites on google. If there is any question, take as little as possible and move up from there. There is a good milligram scale that is accurate for around 50 bucks. you can find them cheaper, but ive found that the super cheap ones can be wrong by a 5mgs or more.

Get educated on what you are putting into your bodies. i think Nomad said something like this.

End rant..

Shipping / Re: Post office employees.
« on: July 09, 2011, 01:28 pm »
first off, I rotate between 3 or 4 post offices in different cities. I Never use the post office in my personal zipcode/city. I use a different return address with each batch that match the zipcode from where they are being sent. Printed labels. Absolutely no fingerprints on the inside or outside. I wear driving gloves when I have to touch the outside and it doesn't raise eyebrows.

Also, Im  a very paranoid person. I have been mailing these types of packages for years without a hitch. I've learned to be extremely paranoid from this site.

Once I get all my supplies, I should be able to do everything at home then drop in the blue box at the post office. Also, when you ship overnight, I think its impossible not to go inside.. If theres a way, please let me know.

And your right, we are recorded everywhere we go. plus, the stuff that I vend would have to rattle to get any type of suspicion. absolutely no smell, obv its pharmaceuticals. If its flat and professional looking/feeling no eyebrows should be raised.

Being on camera does worry me as well, From here on out, I think Ive figured out a safe way to send priority without stepping foot inside (just read the thread about sending priority without gong inside, Duh, don't know how I missed that). Plus, Ill bag offering overnight delivery.

I've been in contact with that group. I think its the easiest way to go. Granted, you are going to pay, like you said, a 6-7 percent on each transaction. If I ever had to buy btc's that is exactly how I would have done it. Selling btc's is just as smooth, but the bad thing is that you don't know what hes going to sell at.Last I checked, his sell page is down due to the mt.gox fiasco. so, you have to xfer the btc's and then he sells, which could mean a lot of difference. I asked him about being able to set a minimum that I would accept and he never got back with me. Other than that one question, he was always very responsive to my questions.

But, buying? heck yea, this is the place to go....

Shipping / Post office employees.
« on: July 09, 2011, 12:40 am »
I just sent a few orders. It takes me a long time to put them together, printed label, etc. As I was paying for them, the post office employee said, "here, let me help you" and put a piece of tape over
my printed labels. I was like, "what the fuck?" I couldn't believe  he just did that. He was just trying to be helpful,  and im sure the packages will arrive fine, in fact, before I got on this site, i would always tape the label down, but i guess its a no no.. But, it still pisses me off. Scratch that post office off my list..Hell, I could have done it myself.. No worries, no flags but just pisses me off.

Security / Re: Encryption of delivery addresses.
« on: July 08, 2011, 09:00 pm »

Silk Road discussion / Re: SPAM from "hempman"
« on: July 08, 2011, 08:54 pm »
Me too. How hard is it to do this? I checked out his website and found out it was all fake hemp. If I was making a movie and needed something to look real, I could see a need.But, I wondered when we would start to get spammed...

But Fake? Just like someone to start selling lookalike pharmaceuticals. Think it will do well? lol...What a joke..

Rumor mill / Re: Has anyone bought from Barrysneaky?
« on: July 08, 2011, 06:52 pm »
If a new vendor does not do escrow, I would say that's a huge red flag. Maybe after being here a while and building some cred He could go outside escrow. I'm not trying to knock him because he's vending some of the same items that I am at all. Just my perspective...

Security / Re: Everyone should be using GPG-Yes, buyers as well.
« on: July 08, 2011, 06:04 pm »
Wicked, thats how I figured out if I was getting it. I used your testing site..

Security / Everyone should be using GPG-Yes, buyers as well.
« on: July 08, 2011, 04:01 pm »
It's a given that all vendors should be using GPG. But Im amazed at all the buyers that aren't using it. Yea, it not the easiest thing to get going and use but its 100 percent necessary. There are a lot of threads giving how to's and there are a lot of members that are willing to help. It just take a couple hours to get the hang of it. Once downloaded, test it and get used to it. Like I've said before, If I can do it, anyone can..

Rumor mill / Re: Aromatics - selling 10mg Fentanyl legit??
« on: July 08, 2011, 03:16 pm »
The only true way would be to take the entire thing (the whole gram and 10mg of fent) and make into a liquid. I would just get a mg scale and test every batch that you make, meaning if you think you have measured out 100ug into a shot, I would do less than half and wait. when my wife would get shots of fentanyl they would give 50ug shots and she was a little opiate tolerant, but she was flying on that small amount.

This stuff is too dangerous to mess with if you don't know what you are doing. I am very experienced and I still would be nervous. Maybe get a bottle of narcan on hand. Go to a vets office and tell him that your afraid that your dog will get into your pain pills. Ive personally administered it and its amazing, they pop out of it like nothing happened. (used to be a paramedic, thats why im so anal about Harm reduction. Ive seen way too many od's that could have been prevented)

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