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Drug safety / Re: Oxycodone => Opana Insufflation
« on: August 19, 2011, 09:34 pm »
Nomad is correct, you just did too much. A lot of first timers will underestimate the strength of opana and since they have to snort half an 80mg oxy they assume they have to snort half an opana...If you take too much of any narcotic you will either be puking your guts out or stop breathing.

Next time, cut your dosage by about 70 to 80  percent, then if that doesn't do it, slowly add more, wait 10 minutes, rinse and repeat. You can always add more but you cannot take any away...

oxymorphone must be handled with care...

i should have added, then squirt the stuff out, then filter it.  Thats what my friend did and it worked great. We just put one pill in with enough water to contain everything easily.  there wasn't a whole lot of filler doing it that way, plus there was absolutely no gooing either, it was pretty much pure liquid.  but anything that is in pill form should be preferably wheel filtered or cotton filter it a few times. basically, we defeated the timer release. i guess we also could have evaporated it and then snorted too. But, with the iso method, there really isn't a need.

This will be interesting, If they bounce back or returned to you, they should at least ask you for a bitcoin address to send to. (I dont know if you can send bitcoins to an address that it was sent from) but, if you don't see those btc again. It will bolster my theory that mybitcoin was a total scam and not a victim of being hacked.

Keep us updated on those bitcoins. You should at least file a claim with them, to see if they show up. or look at the blockexplorer and follow them. This is interesting..

Security / Re: Now that mybitcoin is down...
« on: August 18, 2011, 11:54 pm »
Hit the nail on the head Rake. With VB  you can have windows, mac, linux so, right there you can have 3 wallets. A little over kill but, its much safer than putting trust on an online wallet.  Didn't we learn our lesson  yet?

Trust me knives, getting the 40mg ERs is really the best way. If I got the IR's the lowest they would go for would be around 30 a piece., so thats 120 bucks for 40mg. 56 dollar range for the ER's really is a good deal. if you can wait, just put the entire thing in a syringe with enough water, wait 24 hours and then be very careful.

or if your  a tooter, the ER's are actually better than the IRs because a small portion of the pill will take some time to release because of the timerx portion. So, it lasts hours. I have had the IR's many times and  there is more filler in a 10mg IR opana as there is with a 40mg ER. (Or really close to the same)

If I thought that the IR's were a better deal over all I would be offering them. Maybe i will... (sorry to hijack  the thread) back to the percocet pricing.... I think thats a very good price, especially for SR.. Heck that would even be a good street price..

Off topic / Re: Best drug to masturbate on.
« on: August 18, 2011, 11:24 pm »
I like to masturbate when going through opiate withdrawals. My poor wanker is a tired little fellow after a few days of WD's that's for sure... ;D

Silk Road discussion / Re: Silk Road is hiring a unix administrator
« on: August 18, 2011, 10:17 pm »
Let me throw in this reminder. The admins here created the SR and this site. We are all just visitors here and there with that stupid name tag on our shirt pockets.
I would venture to say that they have vetted this idea completely prior to the ad being posted. Why all this armchair quarterbacking, I don't see any of us operating a similar site.
I'm sure whoever is considered will be fully vetted prior to any disclosure. So relax.  My .05 bits. Bikerbum    :o

Maybe you should quit armchair quarterbacking all us armchair quarterbacks ;)

It appears that everyone here really cares about SR. People are giving their opinion on a forum. That is what a forum is for. Call it armchair quarterbacking if you like, but all these comments are aimed at protecting SR and themselves.

this makes me really nervous. giving anyone access to part of the site would make it VERY vulnerable to backdoors, etc. also on a related note I think way to much info is stored, every transaction address, order, usernames, etc are all saved for every sale. I know some of this is needed but I think only like 2-3 weeks worth should be saved.

also the above poster was right, in the US a cop can do ANYTHING while undercover (drugs, lie, sex with hookers, etc.). Be realllllly fuckkkking careful!!!

I agree with this. I would like to see all messages and transaction history removed after a week or two just as a precaution especially considering there are some pretty incriminating messages between a lot of people. Especially before some unknown entity takes charge of security.

Or at least the vendor she have the ability to delete the transactions when he/she sees fit. Most of us are doing things the right way. Using trucrypt or other ways to encrypt thumbdrives or cd's very well. AS a vendor myself, I would love to be able after a week or so (after the transaction is completed) have the option to either back up the transactions to  something stealthy or just delete the transaction altogether.

Security / Re: Now that mybitcoin is down...
« on: August 18, 2011, 08:20 pm »
Thats weird, the bitcoin wallet on my computer only takes about an hour to get 6 confirmations. Thats going through Tor as well. Is using an online wallet really that much faster? If I want, when I get 1 confirmation I can start moving it to where i want. The longest its ever taken was about 5 hours and that was because Mt. Gox was having issues that day..But on average, it's only 1 hour to xfer bitcoin from one place to another.

Granted, you have to set up your client to pay .0005 bitcoins per transaction when you want to go through the socks4 proxy (Tor) which is like 1/2 a cent (if I did the math right). They recommend .01 bitcoins for faster service, but the .0005 seems to be working just fine. Every once in a while, I can get 6 confirmations in half an hour, but thats an exception, not the rule.

Granted, the above is what I would do if I didn't have my "secret" way of doing things.  I think it's important to have your own way of doing whatever and then keeping said way to yourself..

Here's another misconception with opana's. You can't just suck off the coating and defeat the TimerX mechanism. The timerX is matrixed into the pill. when snorted, you dont even have to scrape off the outer coating. Some do, i do not. when that crushed up pill hits water, its going to gel. That's why its important to do smaller lines (when snorting) and to do the iso extraction method or just put the pill in a syringe for 24 hours.

I've heard other people say that all you have to do is suck off the coating and your good to go. That isn't true at all... If you have any questions regarding extraction or the makeup, go to you will find all the information that you will need there...

Dont hesitate to hit me up with any questions either..

Silk Road discussion / Re: I Have an Idea
« on: August 18, 2011, 06:09 pm »
First off, I can't believe that Im actually debating this idea, lol. But here are your obstacles. are going to have to have vehicles in every state in the USA, then you will have to have vehicles in every country and vehicles in every city in the world.

2. You will have hundreds, if not thousands of employees. Im betting that you lose 50 percent or more due to theft. If all your employees know that drugs are for sure inside each package?

3. While its nice concept to dream about, I think a re-shipper idea is more plausible. But then again, you are trusting someone else, whom you don't know, with your product.

It would be much easier to say in los angeles and have vehicles that pick up and then deliver it to the customer within a 50 mile radius, do you know what you would have to charge per package? It would have to be more than 50 bucks a piece, most likely much more.

I'm all for entrepreneurship, but what you are proposing is a billion dollar idea, literally...Plus, if you got to be  bigger than 5 vehicles, don you think that LE would easily figure out what you are doing? The only way is to start up a legit service like a new fedex as a cover. i can just see it now, your driver and a passenger with a van full of narcotics and then the red and blue lights  light up behind you, I can envision a "Holy shit, we are busted look"

I'm sorry, but I just don't see how it can work and do it with out a ton of capital. even if you do, try keeping your business under the radar. just isn't going to happen. I would love if it could be, but it just aint going to happen, sorry...Now, reshipping on the other hand, that MIGHT be plausible. Trust me, im an optomist, but I just don't see how this would work and be successful.

Let me know when you get this up and running, I would like to see the your business model. I could barely make a profit with my lost luggage delivery service. I would get paid between 20-100 bucks a bag, depending on where it had to be delivered. with only one airline, I had about 10 vehicles and there was no way I could go more than a couple hundred miles away from the airport. I eventually had to give it up because I was losing too much money. I guess you could get a taxi network going. Have one taxi hand it off to another taxi, etc. but the costs are going to be so high, it just wouldnt be worth it. Plus, with usps/fedex/ups how can you compete with their prices and delivery times?

Technically, an 80mg oxycontin is equal to 40mg of opana ER. TAKEN ORALLY!! Now, if you snort them, 40mg of opana is 2 or 3 times the strength vs a snorted 80mg oxy. IV its  about 3-4 times the strength. Would you consider getting an oxycontin 80mg for 15 or 20 bucks? thats basically what you are paying if you buy an opana 40mg ER for around 60 bucks.

If oxycontin users really understood the potency of oxymorphone, the users would be flocking to opana. I have heard that some people will pay 100 bucks for an old school 80mg oc (a year ago, that is) you really have to be careful when you take oxymorphone. Its very potent.

Honestly, I know since most people would only pay at the most, 80 bucks for an oc 80 they got it in their heads that they wont pay more than 1 dollar a milligram. But that logic totally goes out the window when your talking 40mgs of opana. I know people that just snort a little and they puke their guts out because of the strength. The only bad thing about opana is that after a 2 or 3 day binge, it will skyrocket your tolerance. Much more so than other narcotics. But, if you do it here and there, your tolerance should be ok.

Honestly, opana's really are the best pharmaceutical out there, by far (opiates, that is). Just don't mix it with alcohol and check out and see what they say about opana (oxymorphone)...

Like I said before, charge 10 or 20 bitcoins for a user account but that money is put in said account. it can be used to purchase items. it cannot be transferred out into another account. that way, they would be forced to do multiple purchases from one account. and making multiple accounts would be a pain. plus, they would get all their money back to purchase items...

That's the answer.  RIGHT THERE.  You're a genius.  I didn't realize what you were getting at before.

Don't charge buyers, but make their first so-much Bitcoin they deposit un-refundable.  They'd still be able to scam a seller or two, but at least it would cost them SOMETHING and discourage it.

I like that idea, so the buyer wouldn't have to waste money on buying an account because I'm sure that would discourage people.

I mean, SR started charging for sellers accounts and that money is gone. I see this a very viable solution. Buyers are going to deposit money anyways. This way,  most buyers would be forced to use all their bitcoins before making a new account. It won't solve all issues, but I think its a good first step to thwart reverse scams. Not only do this, but also have a rating system. That way seller number 2 knows what experience seller number 1 had. It just makes it much more difficult for a buyer to scam, but yet it shouldn't hinder buyers to come on board.

Silk Road discussion / Re: I Have an Idea
« on: August 18, 2011, 02:38 am »
Are you talking about a reshipping service or starting up a UPS/Fedex/USPS type business? It would take a hell of a lot more than a couple vans, you would have to have vans in every state. Look as usps, they lose money every year. I used to own a transportation company and as part of it would deliver lost luggage for airlines. I had 10 vehicles and that was for one smaller type metro type area.

I think you would need hundreds of millions of dollars of start up capital and the cajones to run it... Nice concept, now go take another hit off your bong... ;D

Shipping / Re: Package seized
« on: August 18, 2011, 01:21 am »
I am assuming that you got a love letter. 99 percent of the time if its just personal use they will send you a letter saying that you are a naughty boy and have so many days to contest it. Like argue that you should have it. I would say if you got one of those, let it go.. You should have nothing to worry about.

I got one years ago and for months I kept looking over my shoulder. Do you realize how many they send out a day? If it was something for you to worry about, you wouldn't have received a letter and they would have done a controlled delivery. It looks like that didn't happen, hence you are probably ok.

I would probably find another address to use, just as a precaution, but really, it probably still is ok.

Years ago, it was part of the vendors scam. He would collect the money and send a photocopy of a real seizure letter. That way he can claim that it was sent, etc. And you aren't going to complain to anyone as you think it was seized. Im sure that scam is still being used today...

Off topic / Re: Pharms: generics vs branded
« on: August 17, 2011, 09:05 pm »
It all depends on the drug, etc. When I was given generic sleeping pill It didnt do shit. I could take 2 ambien and it wouldn't make me tired. When I mentioned it to the pharmacist he replied "oh, its in your head" so I told him that I wanted brand name from now on. Well, a few months later that same pharmacist told me that they stopped selling a few particular generic ambiens because paitents said they weren't working.

I then had my "I told you so" moment. I know that a lot of manufacturers of brand names will also manufacture the generics. In fact when I was getting adderall, when they first went generic on the ER the  pharmacist told me that I might as well save some money and get the generic as they came from the same factory as the brand. one week they make brand, the next they make generic.

Just like the old Teva oxycontin. They were WORTHLESS!! but give me the ABG generics any day. So, It sometimes can be a real crap shoot when getting a new generic. I usually will do my homework before jumping to a generic...

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