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clonidine is the ticket... with lopedermine. with those two and maybe a benzo, but that would show up too if hes not scripted it. Fast taper. 1 week, then cold turkey using clonidine and lope.  those two are the best for a quick taper, cold turkey, jump...

Off topic / Re: so how many of you bought a touchpad?
« on: August 21, 2011, 03:21 pm »
Im going to take your suggestion ap... It all depended on the version of webos too. I loved it.. I will get a touchpad for sure, ill just keep looking, dont want to pay more than 200 bucks for one.. the one  I found was 250, I cam this close to buying it...

I loved web os., I hope this isn't the death of it...

Product requests / Re: Methaqualone aka quaalude?? Wnat to purchase
« on: August 21, 2011, 03:15 pm »
Trust me, if they were here, it would be known.. Don't give up!! Im positive that we will see them here, one day.... For those under 45 years old. qualudes or methaqualone is probably better than any opiate, benzo, mdma drug that you have tried.. In fact, i liken it to a perfect mix between the 3. It wont get rid of pain, you just wont care its there, lol..

Dont ever miss the opportunity to try this if you ever get one.. My last time was about 8 years ago.. My wife tried for the first and only time and to this day, she talks about it... So, when  you see other members talk about it and they say how great it was, they aren't exaggerating at all...

Off topic / Re: so how many of you bought a touchpad?
« on: August 21, 2011, 02:37 am »
Its a shame. I have used web os from palm since it was invented a few years ago. Then palm sold out to hp. Web os really is the best mobile operating system out there. I recently broke my pre webos and replaced it with an android. webos is so much better, easier, etc. it just doesn't have the  marketing and backing like android and apple have.

I am seeing them on ebay for under 300 bucks. I am going to get one.  I pretty much knew it wouldn't be adopted because of the ios and android/blackberry popularity. If you use one for a week, you will know what im talking about. just flip the app from the screen and its gone. you can have like 20 apps open at once too. shame. I hope they continue with the phones. What a great operating system and its getting bagged...

Product requests / Re: Fentanyl patches, powder, or opana to Canada
« on: August 21, 2011, 01:18 am »
aromatics is a true mystery. I wonder if his connect just bailed or maybe he turned scammer. I know at least a few people paid out of escrow that didn't get their money back. He was always so quick to respond, etc. That is a true mystery..

Envious would love to send to folks in canada... he's got both items that you are looking for. I  dont know why you would call the opana ER garbage. Now, I would agree if they cost 160 bucks or something. but when you compare the value of the IR and the ER, (and if you know what you are doing or can wait 24 hours) the ER's are the best deal.

I am assuming that Envious will ship to canada, since he's out of escrow only, I dont see why he wouldn't but you will have to ask him...

BTW, the last order that I received from aromatics was total garbage. it was about a week before he went MIA. I would guess that it had about 1/2 the fent. that was claimed.

Rumor mill / Re: italianpilot - new H seller
« on: August 21, 2011, 01:09 am »
LOl, that happened with me too. I had to cancel an order and a few hours someone pm'd asking about the product. I had forgotten that when a order is canceled, it shows back up in the market.... Obviously, that's what's happened here...

Off topic / Re: Best drug to masturbate on.
« on: August 20, 2011, 11:02 pm »
Methaqualone is literally the best drug EVER made. I know most of you youngins dont know about the lemons. But, the best way I can put its like the best feeling the MDMA give you (that loving feeling) buy you can go to sleep at any time. Absolutely no harsh come down. Clean, clean, clean.....

The last time I found it (about 8 years ago) me an my wife sat and talked for hours and just had a great ole time. then we fell asleep. I even hate comparing it to mdma (take the very best part of the mdma feeling and pretend it was mixed with benzos and opiates, thats what methaqualone feels like). Its such a wonderful feeling. I hope that I get to try it again someday....

Security / Re:
« on: August 20, 2011, 09:14 pm »
nope no moneypak. You can go into a chase or wellsfargo bank and deposit money into their account. It still makes me nervous that they are so new and that their volume is so low. Like I said in another thread about them, for me to want to use them, they would have to be in business longer.

There have been too many bitcoin scams/issues for me to get excited about this one. I hope it's not one of those lets see how many millions can get deposited and then "oops, sorry, we've been hacked" excuses comes along. I dont see them holding too much money right now, but when they get big and there are millions upon millions of dollars deposited with them. They might just   run. I know my thinking is probably uber paranoid, but I would have never thought what happened at mybitoin would happen either....

Even though mt. gox and Trade hill have had their issues, mt. gox has proved themselves by coming back bigger and stronger and i believe that if werent for those 2, especially mt. gox, the bitcoin would be nowhere. Mt Gox is owned and operated by a large corporation, The new excangebitcoin is some sort of start up. How well is their backing? there are a lot things you have to consider before trusting someone with even a few hundred of your hard earned dollars. Most likely, they will be ok and thrive, but ill try them after the have been open for a month.

Silk Road discussion / Re: If an order doesn't arrive
« on: August 20, 2011, 05:05 pm »
Well, if you were forced to deposit 50 bitcoins (or whatever number) into a buyers account and there was no way to transfer that money to another account. It would have to be used for purchases. So, yes, a scammer could make a lot of accounts, but its going to cost him a lot to do so....

Or heck make it 20 bitcoins. Thats only a couple hundred bucks. Then after they have spent that  money that can then do peer to peer transfers, etc. It wont stop people from opening up new accounts, but it will slow down the scammers, thats for sure.. That way vendors could say, if  you have less than 10 successful transactions, your items are limited to 1 pill. 20 transactions up to 10, 30 or more unlimited. Im just spitballing, but that way, it doesn't cost the buyer a penny to join yet he needs bitcoins to purchase.

If I were a new buyer, I wouldn't mind if I had to deposit 200 bucks, hell, you need that much to make just a couple of transactions, some not even one...

I did a small test last month. I offered  both options. Within escrow and a release escrow before shipping price.  I gave the customers a choice. I agree, escrow is important and has saved a lot of people heart ache. But on the flip side, there are reverse scamers, especially with opiates. that's why I usually have a limit on quantity within escrow.

In the future, I will always recommend that the buyers go within the escrow system. But, I will always offer them the choice. So its a win/win situation. I would never just have one option (out of escrow) But I have a lot of frequent customers that know me and trust me, so in return for their trust, I will give them a little better deal. Also, I wont I just sell us to us only. If I were to go world wide I would make it a requirement that the out of us sales go outside of escrow, I dont want to be held liable for a  shipment that is seized.

I dont think calling for a boycott is necessary. If a buyer wants to risk it, then its their choice.

I haven't made my mind up if i will continue to even make it an option. If I do, It will be because the buyer asked me to, not that I am making them. I mainly do it to protect me against scammers on bigger orders. I have heard vendors claim that after sending a few hundred dollars worth of expensive pharmaceuticals the buyer claimed it was never received and the vendor had to accept only 50 percent of the value. I cant afford to take that kind of loss.

So, I say let the buyer beware and let them choose. Lets not force anything upon anyone. If we do, we are no better than a government...

Security / Re: MT. GOX Sucks
« on: August 20, 2011, 03:11 pm »
exchangebitcoins looks promising. but for those that wish to stay 100 percent anonymous or close to it might still have to go other routes. but I think it has promising potential...

The main problem that I see with exchangenitcoins is that its so new and with all the scams that have already happened, I'm not so sure that It will take them a while to gain trust, etc. After thinking about it, I am going to wait a while before I give them a try. their volume is quite low and the bitcoin market is too damned iffy... Ill stick with TH or MT. Gox for now.. Yes, even though its a pain. Even those other options that may charge a few points may be better, at least there are some that have been around for a few months. Exchangebtc is only a little more than a month old...

Security / Re: bitcoin from sr account to sr account
« on: August 20, 2011, 12:36 pm »
Thats why you have 10 different sr buyer accounts and do random transfers to/from different ones each time. As long as you can have as many different buyers accounts,  might as well take advantage. One day, I hope that they make it so one can't make unlimited  number of buyer accounts. Its a huge advantage for a buyer to commit reverse fraud multiple times..

Honestly, there is 44k members here.. I bet there is actually less than 7k users that use on a regular basis, maybe less...I know that in the beginning, I had to make 3 or 4 accounts because I forgot either the username that I used or password. now, those 3 or 4 accounts are totally inactive. Also, I know when LE or another member is trying to remain anonymous, I bet I have at least 20 different pms from individuals that have never read the pm that I sent, so that tells me that those accounts are just one timers...

Silk Road discussion / Re: If an order doesn't arrive
« on: August 20, 2011, 05:02 am »
Yep, they can, thats why they have to implement something other than just buyer feedback. Like they started to charge for vendors accounts. I believe that they need to not charge for buyers accounts, but they have to spend at least 50 bitcoins from one account before they are allowed to open up another account.  That way, they would be forced to keep the same account for at least a few purchases.

I think thats the best answer..... or heck make it 100 bitcoins. there really shouldn't be a reason to be changing accounts so often... if for some reason you do, leave it up to SR to make that decision.

Off topic / Re: international flight - customs
« on: August 20, 2011, 12:45 am »
Send them ahead to the hotel you are staying at. That would be the safest. Or get a bottle of metamucil/bottle of hebral shit and replace herabal stuff with you good stuff. Sending them ahead is the best bet....

Drug safety / Re: Opana Vs Duilidid
« on: August 19, 2011, 11:11 pm »
I would probably start with 2-3mg if you have a 6mg dillie habit. Its easy to add, but not take away... go check the conversion with iv dilaudid vs iv oxymorphone and see what it says..

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