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Drug safety / Re: Roxy usage
« on: September 10, 2011, 04:17 pm »
Are you getting the the OP 80s or the old school 80's? BIG DIFFERENCE!! If they are the new OP's I would probably stick with the roxy 30's. much less filler and a lot more flexibility. You can break the new OP's down, with the oven/microwave method but I have never tried it.. As soon as they switched to the op's I switched to opanas (one of my top ten moves of all time  ;D )

If you want to take them whole then the op 80s are usually ok. I have heard that sometimes they don't totally disolve in the 12 hours and it cause stomach aches, etc.

Even if I had the old school 80's I think that I would still prefer the roxys..

I know a lot of people smoke old school oc's but don't ask me why, to me its the biggest waste of all time.. honestly, if you don't shoot them (good idea not too) then eating them is the best way. you get about 60-70 percent of the oxycodone in your system compared to about 40 percent snorting.. eating them, you wont get that initial rush, but it will stay with you for a long time. Iving you will get 100 percent of the drug into your system, but its not a good idea to shoot pills at all. If you must, please use a wheel filter or at least cotton filter the shit out of them.

Yes, its appreciated..

Silk Road discussion / Re: whats with all the out of escrow stuff?
« on: September 10, 2011, 03:58 pm »
I very rarely go outside escrow, I will have a release escrow before sending listing. This is due to the fact that I don't want to send more than a few pills and either have the person claim they didn't receive or something. I usually will do regular escrow with a limited amount that I will send.  they can buy as much as i have available. The only time I ever totally bypass SR is when the buyer asks me too.

Most of opiate buyers are honest. But that small percentage that try to get something for free by claiming they were shorted or it didnt arrive just pisses me off. I know it the nature of opiates, people want their fix and some will do whatever it takes to get one. Some vendors can afford some kind of leakage, but I can't.. I will never force anyone to release before sending or go outside of escrow. If I do offer those options, I usually give a financial break to make it worth the risk for the buyer..

Product offers / Re: 17" Apple i7 Macbook Pro 2.3GHz Quad 8gb 500SSD
« on: September 10, 2011, 03:38 pm »
Like you said, I believe he has some of them but probably not 25. Im pretty sure that you will receive your computer, but without escrow, I still cant risk the 800 bucks.. I wish that I could, but that could pay for my house payment... Now, if I could go through escrow, then Im sure he would sell out in hours, if not minutes. Im glad you have 800 to gamble on...

Just dont get why he wont do escrow? Heck, I would give him a sellers account, there isn't any reason for him not take any of our offers if its legit. Im sure others would help in paying for his sellers account too. Especially since we have a really good idea where they came from. We are not dealing with the most honest person in the world here, no offense...(I have no room to talk if im willing to purchase one, lol)But I can justify, can't I?


From what I've heard the first thing they are getting rid of is Saturday delivery...

Product offers / Re: Drop Locations and re-shipping available
« on: September 10, 2011, 02:24 am »
What are your prices going to be? When I looked into a re-shipper the cost was around  2 or 3 bucks. but as a vendor, I had to ship to the reshipper and they opened up the package and then resent it. So,not only did it cost twice as much to send I would have dealt with the reshipping fees.

The other thing buyers/sellers have to worry about is you know what is being sent. With a regular reshipper they have no clue as to whats inside.

It will be interesting to see your business model.

When i used to be a manager at high very popular cell phone chain, I could have easily manipulated the stock. Say that they are going back to the RMA center but don't send anything.. It would take loss prevention months to figure it out. Plus, being a manager, you know all the passwords to the employees and assistant managers. I could have made it look like someone else sent the non existent items back to to RMA..

I know of many managers that pulled this off many times. The worse thing that I saw happen to them was they were fired. But, after stealing tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment, its not like they cared too much, lol..

Im just saying that getting hands on valuable merchandise is very plausible.

Product offers / Re: 17" Apple i7 Macbook Pro 2.3GHz Quad 8gb 500SSD
« on: September 10, 2011, 12:21 am »
Trust me, I hope he's legit. But you know the old saying "If its too good to be true, it probably is".. There have multiple people offering to pay for a sellers account. If he hedges the sale he doesn't have to worry about the bitcoin fluctuation. I understand that he's unfamiliar with bitcoin but there are plenty of us that would be more than willing to help him through the process.

Im betting that you do receive your computer. My question is why won't he go through the proper channels and do escrow? I would pay extra for overnight shipping, therefore he could get his coin in 24 hours. Then that coin can be turned into dollars within a couple hours. Even though its a great deal, I don't have an extra 800 bucks on the hopes that its legit..

I truly hope that he comes through....

Product offers / Re: 17" Apple i7 Macbook Pro 2.3GHz Quad 8gb 500SSD
« on: September 09, 2011, 09:13 pm »
or send the potential buyer the SN, you can then check to see what components are are in the machine. If he would supply me with the SN, thats all the verification I would need. he doesn't need to publicly display the numbers but If Im going to get it anyways, why not give it to me? I just checked my SN and it tells me exactly whats in my machine and the date of manufacture.  A picture would be nice too of the SN from the box with his username like he did with the boxes and the pictures. I would bet he wold sell out within a day if 1. he takes escrow and 2. can prove that he has is legitimate..

Product offers / Re: 17" Apple i7 Macbook Pro 2.3GHz Quad 8gb 500SSD
« on: September 09, 2011, 08:59 pm »
I want to as well, as long as he can provide me some info regarding the items, most likely its the same info that others probably want, lol... But, escrow is very important...At least until he gets some rep..

Product offers / Re: Women's panties - worn & unwashed
« on: September 09, 2011, 03:38 pm »
Im wondering if there is a market for a 6ft 280lb guy wearing one of these? I dont have pussy juice but im sure that I have ass juice..

Any takers?

Ill pay you 2 btc just to look, lol..

Product offers / Re: 17" Apple i7 Macbook Pro 2.3GHz Quad 8gb 500SSD
« on: September 09, 2011, 04:06 am »
I would buy one in a second if you were to go through escrow.... A buyers account will only cost you 150 bucks and if you have 25 to sell, well, you see where Im going.. Also, just hedge the price and you wont have to worry about the bitcoin value dropping..

But with an item costing so much, I would have a hard time dropping that much cash, especially knowing where they probably came from..

Silk Road discussion / Re: Another what are they thinking thread....
« on: September 09, 2011, 03:49 am »
I just want to point out that Im not the vendor or buyer that I posted about.. In my eyes if the vendor does everything in his power to deliver the product the other issues are totally out of the vendors hands. Especially with pharmaceuticals, you know exactly what you are going to get, its not like molly or weed where quality, etc can vary widely...

Sending small, fragile pills in the mail is fragile. Most pills will make it just fine, but yea, you are right, the post office mishandles stuff and because of the nature of the items make it difficult to have every one make it without blemish.

In my opinion, if the vendor does everything, ie. use bubble pack, etc to make the delivery as best as possible is the only thing he/she can do. But for a vendor to get a 3/5 is a little too far.

One time, I received OC 80's from a legit pharmacy, legit script, etc but when i got them I was 33 pills short. When I called the pharmacy and Fedex I was out of luck, nothing no body could do. Here, if someone claims a missing pill more than likely the vendor will make it  up, so most vendors here are actually better than real world or legit businesses.

But on the other hand, if the vendor didn't take all the precautions, misrepresented the product or whatever, then ding him. But a vendor can only do so much.  I have had pills end up being broken when delivered, not many,  but its happened, l was fortunate to have understanding buyers.

All im saying is that a vendor shouldn't be dinged when he has done everything in his power to deliver what was promised. maybe it should be mentioned in the info area but to ding his numbers is un called for..  I wish I could have  got my 33 oc 80's back from the pharmacy or fedex, I had absolutely no recourse.

Im sorry, but I would never ding a vendor if the pills came crushed, I knew it had to be the post offices fault. A simple comment would have sufficed or maybe give him a 4/5

Silk Road discussion / Another what are they thinking thread....
« on: September 09, 2011, 12:15 am »
I just noticed a very reputable vendor got slammed on his rating because the product was broken. I noticed that the product was roxie 30's.. I know, from a lot of experience, that most roxies (especially the mallincrodt brand) are easily crushable.. Also, when you add the heat (sitting in vans etc) they become very breakable.

First off, as long as the whole pill is there, whats the big deal? It most likely went up the buyers nose anyways.  I know that the vendor didnt try to rip this customer off in any manner..

I think people are wanting Amazon or Ebay type service. They forget what business they are in. It amazes me when I read comments like this. Now, if the quality wasn't up to par or underweight or something, then I can see getting slammed, but for a pill being broken up? Come on, that's a little nit picky if you ask me..

Feature requests / Re: Yubikey for Silk road?
« on: September 08, 2011, 06:06 pm »
I think your last statement mseller is totally viable. Look at mt. gox. they bypassed yubico altogether. In fact, for 500 bucks, you can buy one of their own USB things that can authenticate keys.

A lot of the technical stuff is way over my head, but after reading their site, I think it would be quite feasible and easy to implement the yubikey here at SR. SR wouldn't even have to make it mandatory, just if you want to use 2 factor identification. If they wanted to be like mt. gox and control everything, they could, but I think it would be best if we could just purchase the yubikey from yubico as to protect our identity.

I think it would just add one more layer of much needed security...

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