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Rumor mill / Re: SR Dealer of The Year?
« on: November 03, 2011, 02:19 am »
My votes would have to go to HybridMike and Pharmville. Both have been very honest, quick and professional.

« on: November 01, 2011, 06:25 pm »
I have seen vendors use the packaging that is very hard to tear. You literally have to get scissors to open it, even then its tough to open. Its rip proof, a little more expensive, but worth it. Then make sure that if it were to open, they would have to really be interested/have to look, etc to actually find the product. The extra 5 minutes to do this is worth it...

Product offers / Salvia Divinorum
« on: October 31, 2011, 06:46 pm »
Anyone interested in this? If there is an interest, I would be offering 7x 10x 20x and 40x strengths...

If not, thats ok too...

Technical support / products not showing up under the main section
« on: October 31, 2011, 04:29 pm »
I noticed this morning that when a product is listed under "prescription" it will show up when you look in the prescription section. but in the past, anything under the prescription section showed up under the opiods section. well. thats not happening. when you select opioids you cant find that particular prescription item, if you dont have it selected to be in the opioids section it looks like its not showing up. maybe just temporary glitch..

anyone else see this issue or am i seeing things?

Silk Road discussion / Re: site glitches
« on: October 31, 2011, 02:16 pm »
yep, the apple key and r works and the fn button and then f5 does the trick. at least on my macbook pro, havent tried it yet on my imac.

thanks for the info

Product requests / Re: More Opioids to Canada Please
« on: October 30, 2011, 01:55 pm »
My supply is definitely is not nearly as high as pharmville, (not even close) but I have made my first couple successful shipments to canada. the pricing is more due to the fact that someone has to go in and do a declaration, etc So, extra for the shipping and a modest fee for the extra time/risk we take to send to canada.

Also, I require that all canadian payments be released before the items are shipped. Even though the risk of seizure is small, I put that risk on your end, not mine. Meaning, no refunds or resends if a seizure were to take place. But, the last person that i sent to canada commented that my packaging was great...

Ill try to post here when i have a supply, its not as big as it used to be and they seem to go fairly quickly. I have opana 40 ER and roxies 30s. (very limited on the opana 40's so when you see em and your interested, id grab em, this, hopefully will be temporary issue..)

Hit me up any time..

Silk Road discussion / Re: site glitches
« on: October 30, 2011, 01:38 pm »
How do you accomplish this with a mac? I know it F5 with windows, but is there a easy way with a mac?

I am in charge of the wiki for silk road. I am in need of a few talented writers. I've asked a couple members to help but haven't heard back from one of them. You dont have to be a professional writer at all. Once the wiki gets it start, it will be up to a few members to maintain it, add to to it, edit it, etc.

We are at the beginning stages and would appreciate the help. The program that we are using if fairly new, so i think we will be writing some of our own add ons if needed.

But if you can put two words together, have some ideas, please hit me up.

The requirements would be that you have been a member of SR market for at least a month or more and are familiar with most, if not all aspects of the market.

Please pm me if you would like to help.

Drug safety / Re: Shooting heroin into your eyes
« on: October 28, 2011, 12:30 am »
Please tell us that you didn't do this... this is almost like the post I read where someone actually tried to inject peanut butter because they heard that it makes you high... Its not smart injecting any type of drug to any place that a dr or pramedic wouldn't do.

Drug safety / Re: Snort Ephedrine?
« on: October 28, 2011, 12:26 am »
check out blulight, if no one here has, guaranteed someone there has tried everything with it. (that goes for every drug ever made, lol)

What a great thread :)

Phubai, you are correct, as nomad has stated before, this is a  lot of work, and I wanted to say a big THANK YOU to all those that donated.. I tried to send each of you a personal thank you, but in case i missed someone, THANK YOU!!!

Drug safety / Re: STOP DRUG OVERDOSE NOW!!!!!!
« on: October 26, 2011, 02:08 am »
once its in the blood stream charcoal isn't going to help at all. Narcan is needed for opiates, i dont know what they use for cocaine od's but the best way not to overdose is not take too much...

Silk Road discussion / Re: Are MoneyPaks going away?
« on: October 25, 2011, 10:56 pm »
Because with money packs, you can load them on  to a prepaid greendot visa card. they are very handy. the 50 dollar visa card can only be used once and can only be used with someone that takes credit cards....

This will be a shame if they get rid of them. I find them handy has hell...

Yes, thank you.. Its appreciated.

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