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we will be selling it at .25g or 250mg .5g or 500mg and 1gram 1000mg intervals. the per milligram cost will go up on the lower amounts, the best deal will be the 1 gram at 200.00. We havent talked about the prices for the smaller amounts, but the best deal will be 1 gram.

we will be posting samples of it soon. Trust me when I tell you that this stuff is very expensive to buy. Profit is very small, even at 200 dollars a gram. (still is a good value when the average dose is between 5-20mg and lasts all day long)... If any of you are interested in pre-purchasing it, let me know, Obviously, you would have to realize that it will take us longer than 4 days to get it sent.. if we can generate enough interest on a pre-sale, we might do that, Ill ask sr if thats ok with him. All money would be held in escrow (hedged) so if something were to happen for some reason, your money would be protected...

Let me know how many people would be interested and how much you would purchase at 200 a gram. if we get enough interest, then we will seriously look at it..

We will do our best with shipping methods, and we will ship to Aust. But, with australia we are worried about it still making it due to their tough customs. If we could make special arrangements with australian buyers,  then yes, we would have no issues selling there....

Silk Road discussion / Re: Very new. Halp pl0x?
« on: January 25, 2012, 05:47 pm »
This info can be found at any bitcoin place or its been written here a million times. do a little research.


I think you have been given all the advice that can be given...If anyone knew a for sure get rich quick idea, they surely wouldn't be posting it here....Go get a job and work like the rest of us...Or seek some mental advice..

We had a small financial set back. (it pushed our timframe back a couple weeks).. It will come.. I promise..

I think you think  that money will solve all your problems. Social and mental. IT will not! I have known many people with money and they seem to have more issues/problems that someone that is poor. first, I would go talk to a therapist. Possibly get on some medication, you are most likely depressed or bi-polar. Money only solves some issues temporarily, usually it just creates more misery.

I watched a documentary on 10-20 lottery winners. Every single one lost their entire fortune and family and some committed suicide or ended up in jail for stupid reasons.

You need to focus on what you are good at. I can tell your smart. If your good at investment/economics. Go back to school. It doesn't matter how old you are, you can always go back.

I have close family members that have a lot of money and everyone of them are idiots/jerks and wouldn't want to spend 10 minutes with them. You need to work hard. There is no get rich quick scheme that works. But, take my first advice and talk to a professional.

Good luck to you. Hit me up any time.

Off topic / Re: Buyers holding vendors hostage!!
« on: January 24, 2012, 04:53 pm »
The problem that Im seeing (and Ive talked to other vendors about this) is that more and more buyers are reverse scamming. I know its always been an issue, but for some reason, I think its becoming more of an issue.(especially with opiates) Probably due to the fact there are a lot more buyers here.

Why should it be a one way street with vendors being the only one rated? Ebay, buyers are rated? (I think) Most, if not all, descent vendors will be truthful in their feedback with buyers. the buyer has a great advantage. If a buyer were to receive too much negative feedback, they can start all over. Much tougher for a vendor to do that, (unless their rating is shit anyways) but they have to pony up more money.

The only way I see a buyer not liking a buyers rating system is that he/she will be a terrible buyer...Im a buyer here too, I wouldn't mind being rated. I always finalize the second I get it and give honest reviews. We vendors already have a lot to deal with. Unless your a vendor, you'll never know what type of work goes into this. (much tougher than I thought it would be). AT least a vendor should be able to put a comment next to the negative or even positive feedback. 

I know that we have seen an influx of product lately, but im afraid we will lose a lot of new buyers. On the flip side. The info that we can now see about the buyer helps a lot. The other thing that we buyers have to remember is that reverse scamming still is quite low and right and still can be built in to my prices. But if it were to rise, I guarantee prices will rise to combat it. Reverse scamming eventually  hurts everyone, its kind of like shoplifting. The stores just pass on their losses on to the customer. I, for one would never be held hostage. If I think someone is trying to scam me, i would say, "Go ahead, give me a 1/5" then explain it on my page..Unless the dollar amount was low, then id take the hit.. I guess thats the best way to handle that situation, badapple...

ANything more than 1 buck per pill is pure robbery...

Silk Road discussion / Re: celebrities on SR
« on: January 24, 2012, 01:32 am »
What do you mean? Im Tom Cruise.. I get all my shit from SR...

Yes, we will be offering the 4-mar in smaller quantities due to safety reasons. A little of this stuff goes a long way. when your talking 15mg for a dose that will last pretty much all day, you really have to think safety. We will post them asap. the main problem is that the 4-mar is fairly expensive to purchase wholesale (especially when we have to buy a minimum). we the amphetamine will be posted first, but we will post a small amount of 4-mar soon..

thanks for your patience...

We are looking at 150-200 us dollars a gram for 4-dimethylaminorex (the average dose is 10-20mg) and it lasts from 6hr to 14hr. Not sure on the pure amphetamine, but, It will be around what SR has it listed. (For the best of the best stuff)...the reason I don't know yet, is that I haven't seen pure amphetamine.Some claim its pure, but its not. we'll probably start off with small sample packs to get some feed back before we set on a price. But as most of you know, I don't gouge customers. I try to bring a good product at descent prices. So, you can count on that...

as for the 4-dimethylaminorex, if your asking the price per Gram, per gram would be kind of expensive, since the average dose is 15mg. (and expensive to purchase wholesale). I can tell you that the prices wont be out of line. The nice thing about the amphetamine salt is that its pure white. the amphetamine that I see for sale in the market it is orange,(which means they didnt get all the impurities out).. and I question the claims on some of their adds. the 80 percent pure looks to be about 50 percent pure.. the amphetamine salt will be available shortly but the 4-dimethylaminorex will take some time (due to the cost)...

Just checking to see if its worth carrying 100 percent pure amphetamine salt (lab verified) and/ or 4-dimethylaminorex (which I hear is a lot better than pure methamphetamine) its kind of expensive but a small dose will last for 6 hours or more. (so I hear..
Any constructive feedback is welcome..

Product offers / Re: purchasing powdered drugs,i.e. fentanyl, etc.
« on: January 22, 2012, 01:39 am »
Also, there is a big difference in quality. you can buy one as cheap as 20 bucks,  but it isnt worth it. The one that is inexpensive and very accurate is about 55.00 also, these milligram scales arent very trustworthy under 10mg. when you are using a scale, you need to be away from all computers and cell phones (anything electronic) or it will screw up the results. I use mine in the bathroom. It works great..

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