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BTW, I lowered the price on them if you want to buy quantities. hit me up with any proposal. (within reason,lol)

Product offers / Have some more Opanas 40's (old school)
« on: April 08, 2012, 11:03 pm »
I wont be listing them on the board, you have to have been a customer or a well know person here on the board.. if interested, hit me up and ill make private listing for you on the market..

Silk Road discussion / Re: SR Fees explanation.
« on: April 08, 2012, 10:04 pm »
The only thing i can think of is the hedging.. that costs us vendors about 4-5 percent.... I wish that SR would give a break down of every fee when we sell something or something is purchased.. it would make a lot of sense...

They are building a 2 billion dollar NAS. they will store every email, search, facebook post of everyone. Its in Utah somewhere.

Right now, they say that there are about 980 exabytes in the internet world today( thats a lot) they had to come up with a new name for the big amount that they will be using in Utah.. they are called yodabytes. 1k exabytes is  a yodabyte.. do a google on it, its amazing how much info that place will store... that building will be the epicenter of all of NSA info and it will then go to the appropriate authorities, fbi, pentagon, whitehouse, etc.. pretty interesting... and scary...


pretty good deal..

Yea, i another vendor is selling the old school kind now as well, but we are both very very low on quantity, so, it would be wise to buy as many as you can from either one of us...

Remember what happened when the OC's came out with their new formula? their price doubled or trippled..

Thanks i made the appropriate adjustments.... thanks for the reminder... still i have some left. I know that they are a tad expensive but you can blame that on the pharmacy,not me... I am charging the same percentage that i was...

STill they are worth every penny. So far, i havent heard one person getting the old kind since a few days ago.. so, this might be it for a few months...

The pharmacy knows what they are doing.. they raped me... so, I just charged the extra that they charged me.. when you put it into perspective, they are still worth it, many times over. 1 40mg opana is equal to about 3 or 4 80mg oxycontin, so, if you think of it that way, you are getting an oxy 80 for 25 bucks.... trust me, if i charged 100 a pill, they would be worth it.. i wish i could have charged less, but when they cost me so damned much, i just couldnt charge what i normally charge...

they will have generics available in Sept/Oct and they will be the old school kind.. so, we just have to get thru this for the next few months and we are back to normal...

but, i know someone is doeing the 24hour soak method and it seems to be working (on the new kind) so hopefully, that will save us....

They are going at a quick rate...if i havent done business with you before, i request that you finalize early, just because of the nature of these pills... hope you understand. but i havent had many (If any)issues at all, my feedback speaks for itself...

So get them while you can......

Dont have a lot left, but enough to last a day or two... maybe up to a week.. theres a small chance i might get one more batch, but thats a lot of hoping...


Product offers / Old School Opana for sale!!!!
« on: April 03, 2012, 07:08 am »
As most of  you know, they are changing the formula to a TRF (Tamper resistant formula) its impossible to crush. Not saying that if a lot of work goes into it that someone will eventually figure it out.. but in the mean time, we are screwed until this fall, when they come out with the generics. (About September or Oct.) So, this could be the last time (or one of the last time we see opana ER's for sale, for the time being)

I now have them for sale..  Most pharmacies are running out, im betting that most will be out within a few weeks.. So, heres  your chance to get them until this fall..

I had to raise the price a little because the pharmacies know what they are doing and raise the price when things like this change.. I just raised the same that they raised it on me..actually a few dollars less.

Here is the url to the sales page in the market:  http://silkroadvb5piz3r.onion/silkroad/item/49ca616bb8


So, i got my hands on some of the old school opanas. it will be just a few weeks until its all dried up until this fall. some pharmacies already had the TRF kind already instock, the only ones that didnt were the big pharms... so, im only going to charge the extra that i got charged. those bastards know exactly what they are doing and are charging more for the old, im paying a few hundred  more than i should, those fuckers..

So, i hope that you guys buy them, or my wife will kill me for spending so fucking much on these opanas....

The TRF pills are impossible to crush, when i mean impossible, i mean impossible. But, they can sit for 24hours in water and most likely by pass their system, but it will take some work. this hasn't been proven, but most likely it will be..

I can get my hands (most likely) on the old school opana 40's but I would have to pay for more them , I normally charge between 55 and 60 a piece, if I charge around 65 a piece, (def under 70) would you guys still be willing to  buy them? i couldnt give too much (if any) of a discount because ill be paying out the ass for them. so, if there is a need for them, ill go pick them up as they will be the last old school kind for a few months (til september or october)..

so, let me know...

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