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Product offers / Old school OPANA 40 MG ER's Now available
« on: May 28, 2012, 05:06 am »
I was fortunate to come across the old school opana 40mg Er crushable kind. I feel the price is very reasonable, I do have some limitations because of the nature, etc. but go check them out..


I also have a ten pack available that brings the price down a lot...

That's sort of like how I frequent the sexual addicts meetings when I'm feeling desperate, but man oh man is there some skilled vagina's there or what?! ;D

LOL!!! I don't they have them where I live, but I sure as hell am going to look!!

Shipping / Re: Whats safer FEDEX USPS OR UPS
« on: May 26, 2012, 03:40 am »
For what it is worth.  I heard first hand from a UPS person that under no circumstance are they allowed to open the package, unless the typical spilled out, leaking......basically the same stuff USPS can get a warrant for without a problem.  They said even odor isn't enough, he delivers smelly skunk all the time.  Also 99.99% no drug dogs in processing.  I was pretty surprised by all this?

I have heard the same. Thae UPS has the same standards as USPS.. They need a warrant to open any mail, etc. but when it comes to Fedex, they will hand the trucks over to undercover agents when asked to do a controlled delivery, no warrant, nothing.. So,USPS is obviously the safest, but from what I've heard UPS has the same standards.. But stay the hell away from FEDEX, lol..

You are exactly right.. the gemini pro is pretty good for 10mg and above. You can go lower, but its harder to get a good read...

If you plan on spending 400-700 for a .001 resolution scale, then you should be okay.. check up on the scale forums (im sure they are out there) but the milligram scales that cost less than 100 bucks are just really good guestaments. If you need to be 100 percent accurate at .001, then I would do what you are doing and invest in higher end/professional scale..

Let us know which ones are good, etc.. The only ones we talk about here are the cheap ones. (Although, the gemini pro is probably the best cheap one out there) Its amazing how many people think that their pocket size 50 or 20 dollar milligram scale is "PERFECT"!  just because it seems to give a consistent rating, what most people don't realize is that if the stuff you are trying to weigh isn't perfectly set on the scale, it possibly wont weigh it right... Those cheap ones are VERY unreliable, they are okay to make sure that you wont kill yourself (as long as you are okay being a few milligrams off), but if you can, invest in the good, professional ones....

Keep us updated...

Just a huge thank you to those that donated.. Its appreciated VERY MUCH.. I know that ive seen some threads dissing the mods like we dont do anything. 1. WE ARE NOT PAID ONE BTC. 2. I have slowed down a tad due to real life issues, but do move/fix threads when i see them. 3. Just because you dont see a mod posting a lot doesn't mean that mod is not doing anything...

Im not gripping at all. As it is, I spend 20-30 hours a week on the forums, sometimes more, sometimes less. It was a great idea adding the squidshepard (he does a lot of work, btw) and the newest mod, Limetless. He's a smart dude and has a lot to offer...

I also dont expect money donations either, they are GREATLY appreciated, even those that cant and just give a thank you, is appreciated.. Granted, I have slowed down a tad the last couple months, but before that, i averaged about 60-80 hours a week moving, deleting threads.. I can only do what my time allows, I think that 20-40 hours a week volunteering is a lot....Especially if one needs to hold down a real life

Once again, thank you!!!

Product offers / roxie 5 packs for the best price on sr..
« on: May 14, 2012, 04:07 am »
here is the page..


Product offers / Re: High Quality Counterfeit USD
« on: May 13, 2012, 06:29 am »
I believe this is not kosher according to the terms.. For now, ill just lock it..

Security / Re: Legitmate reasons to have purchased bitcoins?
« on: April 28, 2012, 05:35 am »
I;ve played the forex market for a couple of years, plus the bitcoin is getting a little more main stream, but i know of a few people that mine, buy/sell bitcoins.. Also, there is a couple poker sites that just use bitcoins, so there are lots of reasons to use it....(not to mention the site like ebay that just uses the bitcoin, cant remember the name, but the bitcoin is starting to gain some momentum in the main stream...

Honestly, I think more illegal things are purchased via paypal, wu and moneygram MUCH more than with the bitcoin.. Bitcon just got much more popular when SR got in the news.. Before SR got big, people used the bitcoin for buying downloadable stuff all the time (music, programs, etc), (but the bitcoin was worth less than a dollar, lol)

Security / Re: Going to the cops.
« on: April 27, 2012, 08:10 pm »
Have any of you watched 48 hours on A&E on a regular basis? It's amazing how many people fess up or try to argue their way out of it, all they did was make the case stronger or wrap it up for them.. I would say 95 percent or higher admit it or say something to mess them up..

The few guys that never said a word, i would say at least half of them couldnt be charged with anything, because of the evidence. the others that were convicted, were convicted of a lesser charge, like manslaughter or something..

If that show doesn't prove that you shouldn't say one word to the police i dont know what will. Like a previous poster said, dont deny or admit, just tell them you have no idea what they are talking about and lawyer up.

Also, those homicide detectives lie like crazy, telling suspects that another suspect snitched when they really didnt or tell them that they have dna that will link them.. If they have dna, why tell the suspect.. the cops will act that you are doing yourself a favor by telling them what they want to hear.. It makes me sick when I hear them tell a suspect "If you tell us know, it will make it better on you in the long run' and when they leave the room they high five each other and charge their suspects with first degree murder, so how did admitting anything help?

Im sure thats what they do in every departments investigations..

I would fork out a few hundred bucks to get a lawyer retained and just refer any questions to him/her as you have done nothing wrong...

Product offers / Re: Have some more Opanas 40's (old school)
« on: April 26, 2012, 04:58 pm »

Off topic / Re: Some lessons from The Farmers Market
« on: April 23, 2012, 06:41 am »
Granted, they weren't working with  the bitcoin, but its my understanding that they were using Tor. So, it looks like they followed the money. since paypal, WU, etc were used. Now.  even if mt. gox and other exchanger were to cooperate, it would be very difficult to prove that mt. gox account had anything to do with sr. since sr has a  built in mixer. So SR is doing this that are much more difficult to follow, which is good.

Also, it took them 2 years to take down TFM.  Im sure that iti wouldnt take much for them to do small busts here and there, but the gov. loves to take down everything at one time, so, who knows what their strategy is. If anyone is nervous, there is no harm in taking a break, just stop all illegal activity. (I have).. Clean house and wait... See what happens.. Everyone will understand. Safety is much more important than a few bucks or getting high.. Just use common sense, take all precautions that you can. You should be  fine..

You can send donations to me at this address..

Thanks to all those that donated..


Drug safety / Re: 0.001g Scales
« on: April 22, 2012, 12:41 am »
that gemini scale ( I believe the one where they recommend that you put a dime on it) is not very good. I purchased the one above that, it retails for around 200 bucks and it used to sale on amazon for 55 bucks, now its almost a hundred. But, when your dealing with .001 resolution you get what you pay for. Also remember, to use it away from all computers, cell phones, tv's etc. and get some test weights, After calibration, i have a 10mg weight all the way up to 10grams. I've seen it be off by only a couple milligrams at the most..

Its worth it to pay a little extra to get a good one... But that gemini one that needs a dime to make it work should be avoided...

Drug safety / Re: How to get the most out of Dilaudid- TIA
« on: April 22, 2012, 12:33 am »
Try to get a wheel filter if you can.. Ebay has them. They are kind of expensive but worth it.. I havent looked in the market to see if someone is selling them..IF they are, id get one or two.. When you iv a pill there are man particulates that will end up in your lungs. not to mention causing an infection.

I agree snorting/eating dillies are worthless, but you need to watch out for the other dangers of shooting pills. Its generally a very bad idea..Even with wheel filtering you are making it better, not elliminating the dangers..

Take care and  be careful..

Drug safety / Re: Avoiding Benzo Dependence
« on: April 22, 2012, 12:27 am »
A good friend had a xanax addiction. The weird thing is that she wouldnt take them long enough to get physically addicted, she would literally go through a bottle of 90-120 2mg xanax in a couple, three days. When you take that high of a dose, it does the exact opposite of what its intended.  She was wire  up, did things that she would normally never do (she shoplifed a flower, lol) she would have absolutley no memory of what she did or where she had been. Shes damned lucky that she never got into an accident and killed someone.

When she ran out, she was fine til she got more.. So, she never went thru physical wd's. Like i said, everytime she would binge, she would shop, etc. shoplift. she was arrested several times and went to jail and had to complete an addiction type program. I honestly believe this saved her life. To this day, she cannot take any type of benzo because she FINALLY knows that she just cant take the chance. It took years and finally jail time for her to realize that she had a problem. Her friends and family just couldn't get through to her..

Even today, she will sometimes take a sleeping pill and even though they are not technically a benzo, they are very close structurely. I honestly believe that during the years that she abused the xanax (since she took so many) People will think that she took a benzo, so someone else has to control the sleeping pills for her..

I personally was physically dependent on benzos, i never abused them, the doctor had me on such a high dose, that when i decided i wanted off it took well over 6 months of taper, actually closer to a year and even after stopping my legs would kick and mentally i felt like shit for about a year.. So, it took me almost 2 years to be finally physically/mentally free from benzos.. Now, I still take them, but at much much lower doses. (Not the 14mg of daily xanax that i used to be on) I never take more than 2m\g of xanax a day and after a week i always take a few days off. I feel that i could do a small taper and be free in a month or so and be totally fine..

Yes, to the question about benzos being more difficult than opiates. While they are technically totally different animals, I would take a opiate wd, etc 10x before going through  a benzo wd.. opiate wd/s are much more intense but much shorter acting. (everyones different, but thats the usual consensus)...

Always be careful with those benzos, it can be a very slippery slope..

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