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Title: bitinstant deposit problem
Post by: drdroopy on January 02, 2013, 06:29 am
well i seem to have a problem with my deposit via cash > zipzap > bit instant > bitstamp, both zipzap and bitinstant said the transaction went through but the USD still hasn't made it to my bitstamp account, did a few e-mail's but no response from bit instant after 24 hours, I am chalking that up to the holiday, but  i am just curious if anyone else has ran into this problem, also want to add that i noticed a weird line in my confirmation email from bitinstant that said "APIResponse: {"error": {"amount": ["You have only $0.04 available. Check your account balance for details."]}}"

i have ran into an issue with bitinstant once before and they were quick so solve it so perhaps im jumping the gun on response time due to the holiday just want to see if im the only one?????
Title: Re: bitinstant deposit problem
Post by: TrashBox on January 02, 2013, 08:30 pm
Or you could buy Btc from CaptainMal^^^^^^

I had similar issues using the same method so I started buying my coin from SR vendors instead. Keep it in the family :)