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Title: Cash in your bitcoins for christmas
Post by: superhooper on December 15, 2012, 05:38 am
Cash in your bitcoins for Christmas.
Exchange rates
10 bitcoin=$136.44                                          Quick Delivery of your bitcoins
1 bitcoin=$13.99                                                Awesome Customer Support
5 bitcoin=$69.95                                                 No Fees or hidden charges
20 bitcoin=$279.80                                             customer 100% satisfaction
30 bitcoin=$419.70
40 bitcoin=$559.60
50 bitcoin=$699.50

To cash out bitcoins send your bitcoins  Deposit your bitcoins to this Public Address:        ,    1CQC7HhKmfH4drPtp87eJBT34oxLBFkzht   
Simply copy and paste our bitcoin address, follow link
You will receive  your payment method within 24 hours

Step 1. deposit your bitcoins into public Bitcoin Address above
Step 2. A pop up link will appear with your bitcoins to cash payment method you wish to choose.
Step 3. Select from the list your method of payment for your bitcoins you would like to receive e.g. pop up link will give you options on how you would like to receive your bitcoins to cash withdraw, western union, money pack, bank transfer, International bank wire transfer, select “other” if you have a preferred payment method you would like our team to deposit your cash to there are many ways to withdraw your bitcoins some ways below
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Title: Re: Cash in your bitcoins for christmas
Post by: technopium on December 16, 2012, 03:58 am
What is this?!  Scam.  Let me guess -- are you the btkoins / bitcointalks guy?


With respect to all loss, actions, proceedings, costs, expenses (including legal fees) claims and damages arising from:
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This guy is even TELLING YOU not to rely on his information he has provided you because if you do, you could lose all of YOUR $$/BTC.  SO he can take at will.  Looks like SR stripped his domain addy from his post, too bad he can't be shut down permanently.  What a joke.